Supercoach Forwards 2011

The offence is, surprisingly, a tough task to pick 10 players. You’ve got the best forwards in the game who can pull out the biggest scores but get injured too frequently, the miraculous goalkickers who only appear in games every now and then, and the up and coming brigade, who are the most prone to consistency. With that in mind, it’s also important not to blow your budget on the likes of Pavlich, Brown and Riewoldt, even though those three players could get you over the line if they have good days at the office. Who else should you pick? Read on.

Lock them in

Matthew Pavlich (FREM)

Led a Fremantle resurgence in 2010 along with Sandilands, the Dockers’ skipper carried his side on his back for much of his career before his teammates started fending for themselves last year, but he still had the same influence on games as he ever did. Is a MPP (multi-position player), as he plays midfield as well. Put him where you best see fit.

2010 SC Average: 99.3

Highest Score: 142

Lowest Score: 41

100’s: 10/21

Lance Franklin (HAW)

Buddy is yet to regain his amazing form from the 2008 season, but with the expected rise of the Hawks this year, it should coincide nicely with a return to the best by the number 23. His tribunal record is off-putting, but it is worth it when he tears defences apart.

2010 SC Average: 107.5

Highest Score: 159

Lowest Score: 73

100’s: 10/17

Buy with caution

Jonathon Brown (BRIS)

The biggest gorilla forward in the AFL, he is the best player in the league when fully fit, but that is becoming less and less frequent as each season goes on. That being said, he’s been stripped of a few kilos and is training freely, and will be in the side come Round One barring no setbacks. Watch yourself reap the rewards by choosing him, or waste a trade as his body fails on him again.

2010 SC Average: 97.7

Highest Score: 171

Lowest Score: 38

100’s: 6/16

Nick Riewoldt (STK)

The man who’s had arguably the most turbulent year amongst the AFL circle in recent year can do one of two things: respond to all the criticism with a huge year, like a champion would, or go into his shell and watch his performances onfield suffer. Don’t forget that troublesome hamstring.

2010 SC Average: 108.9

Highest Score: 171

Lowest Score: 25

100’s: 7/11

Jack Riewoldt (RICH)

Had a breakout year, winning the Coleman Medal for the 15th side in the competition, but there is always concern over whether a young gun can follow up an outstanding year, or falter as more teams start double-teaming and tagging them. Riewoldt posted some unbelievable scores, but failed to show great consistency. Go with his cousin.

2010 SC Average: 92.4

Highest Score: 217

Lowest Score: 40

100’s: 8/22

Bold denotes a 200+ game

James Podsiadly (GEEL)

The fairytale story of 2010, Podsiadly mesmerised the faithful at Skilled Stadium with his mobility in the forward line and his ability to kick a goal. Struggles at grounds other than Kardinia Park and Etihad Stadium, and defenders will know his game now.

2010 SC Average: 91.8

Highest Score: 156

Lowest Score: 22

100’s: 8/17

Paul Chapman (GEEL)

Despite his troublesome hamstring, Chapman produced an outstanding year, performing to a high standard week in, week out. Don’t be surprised to see him miss a few games with ‘general soreness’ though.

2010 SC Average: 116.4

Highest Score: 165

Lowest Score: 80

100’s: 15/21

Brent Harvey (NM)

The little maestro could further prove that he gets better with age in 2011, but many people are waiting to see his legs fall out from under him. Can get tagged out of a game, but when he gets off the leash can pull some big scores.

2010 SC Average: 100.4

Highest Score: 176

Lowest Score: 11

100’s: 12/22

Don’t think twice

Steve Johnson (GEEL)

One of the most talented players in the AFL improved on his average in past years but only marginally. Is a good pick, but it is near impossible to predict what he’ll do on gameday.

2010 SC Average: 89.8

Highest Score: 152

Lowest Score: 53

100’s: 6/19

Adam Goodes (SYD)

The Sydney captain had many Super Coaches doubting whether or not he was a good pick early in the season, but soon proved them wrong with a terrific finish to the season. His age is a worry, but it hasn’t slowed him down in the past couple of seasons.

2010 SC Average: 94.3

Highest Score: 173

Lowest Score: 16

100’s: 11/22

Cyril Rioli (HAW)

Very tempting pick, is tipped to move to the midfield where he can use his precision and speed to full advantage. A full pre-season should see Rioli rise to the top echelon of players in the league, and with that his SC scores will rise immensely.

2010 SC Average: 94.8

Highest Score: 167

Lowest Score: 19

100’s: 9/19

Mark LeCras (WCE)

Value picks

Travis Varcoe (GEEL)

Will be fairly cheap, and with the loss of Ablett, may move into the midfield and improve on his stellar 2010 season. Consistency is his main problem, but in a midfield surrounded by Enright, Selwood and Corey, should fly under the radar.

2010 SC Average: 82.6

Highest Score: 130

Lowest Score: 43

100’s: 2/17

Jarrad Grant (WBD)

The top round draft pick had a breakout season, and showed signs of what’s to come with a dominant display in Round 22 against the Bombers, in which he scored his highest total of the year. May cop a little more attention, but is sleek and skillful enough to snag a couple of goals a game.

2010 SC Average: 74.2

Highest Score: 136

Lowest Score: 49

100’s: 1/17

Gary Rohan (SYD)

The red-headed youngster from the Swans showed glimpses of what he can do last year, and should be in contention for a Round One spot this year.

2010 SC Average: 60

Highest Score: 103

Lowest Score: 31

100’s: 1/9

Pat Veszpremi (WBD)

The goalsneak was traded to the Bulldogs at the end of last year, and will be looking to fill the gap left by either Brad Johnson or Jason Akermanis. Made just the one appearance for the season in 2010, but scored well enough for me to have faith in him for this year.

2010 SC Average: 63

Highest Score: 63

Lowest Score: 63

100’s: 0/1

Justin Koschitzke (STK)

His price is down after a disappointing season, cracked the ton just once but is too good of a player to not bounce back well this year. Having Riewoldt back in the same forward line will help.

2010 SC Average: 55.2

Highest Score: 112

Lowest Score: 5

100’s: 1/17

There you have it, Supercoach will be starting in a week’s time, so make sure to investigate the prices of the players you are interested in, and make sure to watch their progress in the NAB Cup. I hope some of these hints were helpful! May the best Supercoach win.

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  1. Good guide Josh. Hopefully my forwards can perform this year after my forward line was injury plagued last year (Cyril Rioli, Nick Riewoldt). I only had LeCras who is a freak.

  2. Jake 'Cobba' Stevens says

    Great walkthrough Josh! I am most definitely a Dream Team/Supercoach addict. But sometimes I think I can overanalyze my team. Eh who cares, its too much fun! :)

  3. Thanks guys.

    Am quite keen to start up a Supercoach league for the Almanackers.

  4. Jake 'Cobba' Stevens says

    Great Idea. I’m in! :)

  5. Ed Carmine says

    Cheers for that, great stuff.

    Keen on joining a league if the opportunity arises.

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