Hold that bus!

Staring into the depth of my blue and white stripes of my new North Melbourne jumper, I wondered. Is it really worth it to travel three hours, tagging along with my girlfriend Liz and her little brother Sam, to the one-sided clash between my Kangas and Sam’s Cats. Being a good sport, I decided to [Read more]

Hawthorn v Collingwood

Term one down. Two more to go. That’s how long I have left for school in my life. It feels just like a couple of weeks ago that I started Year 12, although the floods in Northern Victoria disrupted that for a week and a bit with all schools in the district closed. A nice [Read more]

Hate for Essendon

by Josh Barnstable Hate is a very strong word. I try not to use it too much, but it doesn’t do itself justice when talking about the Essendon Football Club. As a North Melbourne supporter, I have grown up despising the red and black brothers. Older, richer and more successful brothers. In Grade 3, my [Read more]

NAB Cup 2012: North v Bulldogs in Ballarat

Water, water, everywhere. A fitting summation of what has become of the country town of Numurkah, my home town (sort of). In the past, when people would ask where you’re from, they would screw up their face and muse “Numur-what?” Now when we tell them, they know instantly that we’ve been living on an island, [Read more]

NAB Cup: North Melbourne v Richmond v Hawthorn

Year 12. It is an interesting year. It has its ups, and it has its fair share of downs. Those moments when you just can’t handle the pressure of the work that is piling on your shoulders at an alarming rate. Thankfully I haven’t experienced that, yet. The good experiences though? Where to begin! The [Read more]

Who Should Be North Melbourne Captain?

This is almost like unchartered waters for myself. The last time we had a change in the captaincy was at the end of 2008, when Adam Simpson handed the reins down (literally) to Brent Harvey, who has given North Melbourne three fantastic years of leadership, exuberant play and a familiar face in the media. Back [Read more]

North Melbourne 2012 season preview

  by Josh Barnstable   “Close but no cigar” “Almost there” “Just not good enough” One word comes to mind. Two, in fact. North Melbourne. If North’s ’10 and ’11 AFL seasons were made into a novel, pick any of those three sayings above and you have a perfectly suitable title. That’s the reality of [Read more]

AFL Comebacks

It is becoming an increasing trend in AFL. While I’m not familiar with the figures of pre-2008, surely the number of comebacks to AFL ranks by a player has risen in the past five years. Yes, we saw Tony Lockett return to the Swans a couple of years after retirement, and of course we remember [Read more]

GWS Poaching

I’ve seen it happen before, we all have. Weeks and weeks of speculation, concern, hope. From Round 1 to Grand Final Day, the interest in the matter does not falter. Whether you be a number one draft pick, or an absolute champion of the game, the spotlight does not miss you. The media focuses on [Read more]

West Coast Season Review

Please note this is coming from a North Melbourne supporter, so I don’t generally know what happens in the WAFL leagues. #1 Mitch Brown A year to forget for the Brown twins, both Mitch and Nathan at Collingwood missing most of the season with injury. The West Coast Eagle Brown played the first four games [Read more]

An Anniversary to Remember

This year has changed me. The constant in my life has always been football. Something new, something just as important, dare I even breathe the words, more important, has crept into my every day living. No longer do I live, breathe and eat football. In fact, it is more of a pleasant delicacy that I [Read more]

North Melbourne: season in review

by Josh Barnstable Another season has gone and passed, and again it is a September perfectly suited for a three week break for North Melbourne supporters. We missed the finals, by six points, finishing in ninth position. The same as last year. The year before we ended up in 13th spot. We are slowly improving. [Read more]

Happy Father’s Day

by Josh Barnstable I am so glad my dad isn’t a Carlton or Essendon supporter. For two reasons mainly. #1 – The DVD pack of every Grand Final win we got him for Fathers Day featured just the 5 DVD’s, not 16, therefore a much lower price. #2 – who WOULD want a dad that [Read more]

North left to think of the future

  I can remember sitting at the computer, staring blankly at a word-document sheet in the early hours of Easter last year. My eyes were sore. I remember dabbing my eyelids with wet fingers to keep them open. North Melbourne had just been thrashed by St Kilda. 104 points. We were hopeless, they were irrepressible. [Read more]

Excitement gives way to disappointment

Friday and I’m a mixture of emotions. Excited, nervous, full of anticipation. It is a foreign feeling, that’s for sure. And it shouldn’t be. Why oh why does the AFL hate us? Why do we receive dead-rubber Sunday evening games all the time? Why do we never get full exposure on national television? We get [Read more]

Ben Speight, Super Sub

At this stage of the season, every club seems to have worked out the best player suited to the tricky substitute role introduced in season 2011. That player is usually a quick speedy type who can have immediate impact, get on the scoreboard and have a real influence on the result of the game in [Read more]

The Crows: about as good as tooth-ache

  The pain had subsided. Not completely gone, it was still lingering. Still enough to make me wince, but not enough to force me to stomach the awful aspirin and painkillers that I’d been living off since Monday. I felt better knowing I had gotten through a day without any medication. It meant I was [Read more]

Nothing Sweeter

I’m not old enough to understand the hate and bitterness North Melbourne folk have towards the people of Windy Hill, but I do know that there is probably no better feeling than beating Essendon, especially when you’re the underdogs and they are ‘premature premiership chances’. I know that North’s push into the VFL was thwarted [Read more]

JB and Dad do it again

North Melbourne v Adelaide by Josh Barnstable I hate being sick. Dad and I both do. We’ve both got a cold (although he says its the flu). I’d much rather have the flu than a cold. But, Dad and I, braving the icy weather, made the trip down to Melbourne for our first match of [Read more]

Hot Chocolate and Cold Bombers

Recently, three year 11’s and myself started a business. It was called Choc&Chops, we sold hot chocolate and hot chips to the rest of the school at lunchtime (the ‘chops’ is a dig at the New Zealand accent). This was THE assessment task for Business Management unit 1. The four of us had to venture [Read more]