The ‘Off-season’ is now the ‘On’

It’s that time of the year

To sit down with a beer

And watch hour upon hour of cricket


But this footy off-season

(And for very good reason)

The focus has been on Kurt Tippett


The lad from up north

Told the Crows he was off

But that’s when the real trouble started


For the Crows had been paying

Sneaky cash for Kurt’s playing

It was tears as the two parties parted


But it’s not just the Crows

And their troublesome woes

Which have claimed all the post-season headlines


There’s been more going on

Than the actual season

Yes, these are very strange footballing times


There was Jonathan Brown

When the car knocked him down

Though machine came off feeling more seedy


And big Izzy Falou

(Exit stage, take a bow)

Had enough of eccentric old Sheedy


Old Mick’s now a Blue

And he’s plenty to do

Though the club it went missing through trade week


While Ben Hudson it seems

Doesn’t know what ‘stop’ means

His retirements are made with tongue in-cheek


There have been claims of tanking

No, the Dees are not thanking

Former player McLean for his outburst


And Ade Anderson’s gone

Leaving Gil and Foghorn

The news broken to us by the Age first


Footy welcomed free agents

It’s now more than a game gents

For club loyalty counts for so little


BJ left the Saints reeling

Many clubs tried to steal `im

Now he’ll help the Dons out in the middle


There’s been many more stories

Of mistakes and of glories

‘Player farts!’ now the front page it’s on,


So who really needs football,

All we need is fresh scandal,

For the footy off-season’s now the ‘on’

About John Carr

First and foremost, I'm a Richmondite- 5th generation and dyed in the wool. I love the club, but also have a love for the game itself, and love to explore the cultural and social aspects of Australian Rules football. I am married with 4 kids, and also have a love of music, and run a small recording studio


  1. Good stuff Brad. I love a good “Bob Dylan rhyme”. Outburst and Age first. Free agents and game gents. Loved the Ben Hudson line.

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