Dusty’s Always Running Around

Dusty’s Always Running Around by Jennifer Muirden
Based on the lyrics of “Johnny And Mary” on Robert Palmer’s Clues album (1980)



Dusty was always running around
Trying to find certainty
He needed the world to confirm
That footy he could play
Dimma checked his stats
Knew he didn’t tire easily

Dusty thought the Richmond Club would be right
Just the place to make the best of him
Dusty almost changed his mind
Went to the play for another side
But he made his bed
Lying in it has been best for him

Dusty said he was willing to learn
And to stop playing the fool
Dusty said he’d live anywhere
And do what he must do
Dusty groomed his hair
Said team mates will get used to it

Dusty always hedged his bets
Dimma never knew what to think
He says that he still acts like he’s
Being discovered
Proving that he cannot be caught
Giving the don’t argue without a second thought
Running around

Dimma felt he didn’t need to waste his breath
Trying to talk sense to him
Dimma says he’s got talent
Of epic proportion
He chose to accept his radical hair
Cos he knows he doesn’t tire easily

Dusty’s always running around
Trying to find certainty
He doesn’t need all the world to confirm
That he isn’t lowly
Dusty counts his awards
Says he could get used to it

Dusty’s always running around
Running around



About Jennifer Muirden

Jennifer Muirden has been a keen St Kilda supporter since 1978 and fondly remembers her childhood Saturdays spent at Linton Street, Moorabbin. In her lifetime she hopes to experience the Saints second Premiership.


  1. Peter warrington says

    Ace work. Ear worm for the day

    Finally watched the GF again last night. How selfless is his play at the moment. Ditto Jack, both so team oriented it could get boring :p

    As the Crows, they love to fight and play, fighting berserk warriors, hey hey?

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice treatment of probably Robert Palmer’s best song, Jennifer.
    We might as well face it, we’re addicted to Dusty !!

  3. Jennifer Muirden says

    Correct weight, Phil. I’m definitely Dustified!

  4. Nice work Jen. I can just imagine a video of Dusty ‘don’t argue’ highlights to this!

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