Round 5 – Fremantle v Carlton: Transitioning Without a Parachute

For John Butler, this was a battle between a team seeking to learn how to, and another that had forgotten how to.

Round 4 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Dogs in a canter

Bulldogs building the dream while Carlton builds a team.

Round 1 – Richmond v Carlton: A New Carlton? Or the Same Old Richmond?

John Butler sees Carlton, the club that has made a fetish of living in the past, now preaching the future.

The Ozymandias Cup: Carlton v Essendon

John Butler finds visiting Princes Park rather like a trip to the Parthenon where a sense of the old gods remain, but alas, it was hard for him to ignore the rubble on what was an enjoyable afternoon for inspecting the ruins.

Book Review: The Straight Dope by Chip Le Grand

John Butler provides an thought provoking review of Chip Le Grand’s book, a must read.

Australia v New Zealand – Adelaide Test Day 2: When the going gets tough, Australia gets lucky

John Butler suggests that indiscreet batting was the major contributor to the fall of wickets on Day 2 of the Adelaide Test.

Australia v New Zealand – WACA Day 2: Kiwis salvage pride, but could still end up junked

The Bard of Ballarat, John Butler, chronicles a WACA Day 2 where New Zealand regained pride but not ascendancy.

The Ashes 2015: The Odd Couple’s Big Test

John Butler runs the ruler over the Australian team’s leadership, the Mates Club and the Sheffield Shield, as the Fourth Test looms.

Round 17- Carlton v Hawthorn: Hiatus Interruptus

Like The People’s Elbow earlier in the week, John Butler wonders if the powerbrokers at Princes Park truly understand the enormity of the task ahead of the club in the post-Pagan, Ratten and Malthouse tenures at Carlton.

Round 15- Hawthorn v Fremantle: Message received loud and clear

John Butler saw Hawthorn dispatch 2015 premiership rival, Fremantle, with jaw-dropping ease in Launceston on Sunday.

England v Australia – First Test, Day 3: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted

Has Boof gone to the well one too many times. John Butler thinks the selection of Dad’s Army may have turned an Indian summer into a final autumn for a few Australian cricketers

Round 6 – Carlton v Brisbane Lions: Doom and Gloom after the Blooms

John Butler reflects on two teams struggling to recover form the mistakes of the past and they paths to ‘recovery’ they’re presently treading. How are those KPI’s looking?

Round 5 – Carlton v Collingwood: Stuck in the middle with Mick

Another tough week for John Butler as the Blues fail to give a yelp against arch-rival, Collingwood. How, asks John, can a club that couldn’t see the negative ‘optics’ of sitting a disgraced former doctor behind Mick Malthouse on Friday, possibly be trusted to sell – and deliver – hope to its rank and file?

The PowerPoint Revolution

Calling to mind the apocryphal comment of “it’s de ja vous all over again,” when its comes to ‘New Carlton’ and ‘Key Drivers of Success’ John Butler’s seen it all before. Actions, results and not mad skills on PowerPoint is all that matters to Bluebaggers like JB.

AFL Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: An Evening with Big Nick

John Butler was there as the powerbrokers at Carlton try to reconnect with the faithful…

I’m with Stupid: A Modern History of the Carlton Board

John Butler, passionate Blue, argues the case for good governance. This is a calmly explained, clearly thought-out piece of analysis that all Carlton fans should read. [And then you might consider getting behind the Elbow Ticket for Carlton presidency – Ed]

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: No way forward for Carlton

John Butler saw the same old, same old Navy Blues on display on Thursday night. Brother can you spare a forward?

2015 ICC world Cup: “Two Drunks Walk Onto a pitch…”

Amidst the Kiwi’s huge sigh of relief and the Australians left to ponder what could have been after Saturday’s cracking ICC World Cup match at Eden Park, John Butler argues that there’s little to come out of this match that would have the South African’s or the Indian losing much sleep.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: A balance of inconsistencies

John Butler tells of contests within contests, moments within movements on Boxing Day. “Test cricket can often be decided as much by the accumulation of small details as any great acts of brilliance.”

AFL Round 5 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Buffalo Girls take a break

John Butler watches his Blues take on the Doggies. Its the Globetrotters vs the Generals with “Sweet” Robbie Warnock leading the charge.