AFL Round 3 – Carlton v Essendon: An Evening with Big Nick

John Butler was there as the powerbrokers at Carlton try to reconnect with the faithful…

I’m with Stupid: A Modern History of the Carlton Board

John Butler, passionate Blue, argues the case for good governance. This is a calmly explained, clearly thought-out piece of analysis that all Carlton fans should read. [And then you might consider getting behind the Elbow Ticket for Carlton presidency – Ed]

Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: No way forward for Carlton

John Butler saw the same old, same old Navy Blues on display on Thursday night. Brother can you spare a forward?

2015 ICC world Cup: “Two Drunks Walk Onto a pitch…”

Amidst the Kiwi’s huge sigh of relief and the Australians left to ponder what could have been after Saturday’s cracking ICC World Cup match at Eden Park, John Butler argues that there’s little to come out of this match that would have the South African’s or the Indian losing much sleep.

MCG Test, Australia v India – Day One: A balance of inconsistencies

John Butler tells of contests within contests, moments within movements on Boxing Day. “Test cricket can often be decided as much by the accumulation of small details as any great acts of brilliance.”

AFL Round 5 – Carlton v Western Bulldogs: Buffalo Girls take a break

John Butler watches his Blues take on the Doggies. Its the Globetrotters vs the Generals with “Sweet” Robbie Warnock leading the charge.

AFL Round 4 – Carlton v Melbourne: Apocalypse Now Re-Redux – Kurtz was an optimist

While all around him are losing their heads, John Butler is keeping his. A calm, objective analysis of Carlton’s performance on Saturday and what led to it.

The Craig Simmons Conundrum and the Singapore Sling

John Butler remembers the Test Cricket heroics in South Africa, and dissects the Indian takeover of world cricket decision making.

An off-Broadway opening

Veni, Vidi, Vici. “I paid, I saw, I didn’t like” writes Carlton diehard John Butler. Beware the Ides of March?

The Mitch-Lotto jackpot

In a sea of CA self-congratulation, John Butler offers some welcome wit, grace and perspective about the state of Australian cricket. (Brilliant stuff – Ed.)

Sydney Test – Day 2 : Different day, same England

John Butler, the bard of Ballarat, returns to stick his boots into the enfeebled poms. He predicts Brett Ratten will replace Andy Flower.

It’s November, this must be Brisbane.

JB’s back with some of his trademark sensibly-considered doubt: “Australia’s current idea of digging in is to place ourselves in the hole.”

Fifth Test – Day 3: England drop anchor, drag the chain

England is a good side, but not a great side. The sobering realisation must be that we currently trail that good but not great side 3-0.

AFL Round 16 – Carlton v St.Kilda: Judd shines in the gloom

Saints fans may feel this season i s a return to normal services, but such forbearance sits uneasily with the Carlton worldview. If ambition remains thwarted, John Butler suspects an interesting summer lies ahead.

AFL Round 1 – Carlton v Richmond: Tigers in spite of themselves

Round one is the round of hope, where every team begins with a clean slate and all lies ahead. This is the theory. In reality, no club enters any given season unencumbered by the baggage of what preceded.

Third Test – Preview: A Climax in Act One?

How much will Australia be spurred by Punter’s last hurrah? What has the man himself got left in the tank?

Second Test – Day 1: Saffas capitulate amongst the scaffolding

Having so far claimed 10/1047 in the series, John Butler believes the South Africans may even settle for getting Michael Clarke out. Just once.

Let those who are without sin…

It’s been a tumultuous season for followers of the Navy Blue, particularly if you pay any heed to those more priapic pundits who fill their days writing about football without ever really mentioning the play. A winless pre-season had us in crisis, according to some. Then we were proclaimed premiership favourites after stomping the Pies [Read more]

Collingwood TV – An Idea For The Ages

  So they’re seriously considering a dedicated Collingwood channel. I don’t doubt this idea is manna from heaven for many. People will suddenly realise what’s been missing from their lives all these years. Myself? My reaction is rather more like Alex in his maximum security ward in A Clockwork Orange: strapped to a gurney, eyes [Read more]

A Good Time To Reflect

  Football is a pretty reliable mirror. The many ways we express our passion for the game reveal us. The industry that has grown around the game  also tells us much by the way it chooses to operate. All manner of issues regarding indigenous footballers have arisen lately. In the case of Liam Jurrah, the [Read more]