World Cup 2014 – Brazil v Germany: ‘Tell’em They’re Dreamin’!’

It was not a good vibe for the Brazilians who were at nines and elevens (sixes and sevens, only worse) at the back, writes Gregor Lewis.

To Be Or Not To Be … Yourself, in Defeat or Victory?

Gregor Lewis celebrates Wimbledon, Silverstone, the Tour de Yorkshire – and, above all, the human strength and courage to succeed. Greatness reached for and grasped. While in Brazil the fear of loss has subdued the beautiful game.

Hunger or Entitlement? Why Limit Yourself to One?

Sleep is for the weak. Your man on the couch, Gregor Lewis, volunteers for the late night shift. From Hawks v Roos to Colombia v Brazil to Federer v Raonic Gregor shifts between sports, continents and time zones discussing a common thread.

Young Tennis Guns III – This Ain’t No Sequel

Kyrgios, Dimitrov, Raonic. Rumbling thunder, horsepower. Speed demons. Gregor Lewis takes us through the Wimbledon men’s quarter finals.

World Cup 2014: A Delayed Reckoning with An Exploding Star

Gregor Lewis fears that with the start of the knockout phase of the World Cup the ‘beautiful game’ has become the ‘gritty game’. Brazil and Chile disappointed, but Colombia are still taking life at the full.

Worth Every Cent

Gregor Lewis was happy to be proved wrong by the performance of Greece in Group C of the World Cup.

World Cup 2014: The Silence of the Lambs

Gregor Lewis takes us through the latest World Cup action, via Dr Lecter, Seinfeld and a wandering elephant.

Sad Songs Say So Much but Two out of Three Aint Bad.

Puberty blues. Spain’s wanton trifling with our young Socceroos reminds your man on the couch, Gregor Lewis, that striking out – as a callow pimply youth – is the best way to learn how to score that winning goal.

World Cup 2014: Africa Alive! An Afterthought No Longer.

Gregor Lewis concedes that he has underestimated the African teams after Algeria’s win over South Korea at World Cup 2014.

World Cup 2014: Hang on a second! Whose moment is this?

Players of Iran and Argentina take their turn on centre stage on this Greatest Show on Earth. Let Gregor Lewis take you where: “Like a child playing with its toys, lost to the wider implications, Messi’s champion nature allowed him to embrace the moment, exactly the way that child would…” Sometimes 90 minutes is not quite enough.

World Cup 2014: I’ve still got ‘Les Bleus’ for You.

Our man on the couch Gregor Lewis likes the look of the French team that dominated the Swiss cheese defence.

World Cup 2014: A Better Romance or Something Down and Dirty?

Gregor Lewis tells how Costa Rica defied expectations and dubious officiating to humble Italy and send England spinning out of the 2014 World Cup.

World Cup 2014: Please Sir, May I have some more?

Our man on the couch Gregor Lewis is watching ‘football’ while you are sleeping. Reporting while you are working. England’s demise delicious. Luis Suarez divine. The first game dashing. The last diabolical. No matter we can sleep when we’re dead.

World Cup 2014 – Australia v The Netherlands: A Step Away from a Green and Golden Day.

Gregor Lewis celebrates the beautiful game, Tim Cahill, Ange Postecoglu, and a young Socceroos team that refused to be cowed by a champion Dutch football side. Stand up and cheer Knackers.

When the Weight of Expectations Overwhelms the Power of Belief.

‘To wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect’ (Jane Austen). To run free – whether at the Gabba or the Castelao Stadium – is not as simple as merely stepping onto the grass. Gregor Lewis takes us from the national to the international reminding us of the smothering weight of expectations.

World Cup 2014 – Germany v Portugal: Who do you think you are?

Gregor Lewis watched the much-anticipated Germany-Portugal tie and, like Les Murray, wondered what was going on. [Excellent review of a one-sided but entertaining game – Ed]

World Cup 2014 – Uruguay v Costa Rica – What movie am I watching?

Bet ya didn’t see THAT one coming, huh? Gregor Lewis watches in delight as Costa Rica tear up the script and an expectant Uruguay to claim a ”f***-you” victory.

World Cup 2014 – Australia v Chile: I know what the Socceroos can do

Gregor Lewis offers a terrific description of the Socceroos passionate display against Chile in the World Cup.

A Twilight Samurai Rediscovers Thunder

Gregor Lewis takes us through the background and the characters who vied this weekend for the WBC Middleweight Championship of the World. It was Sergio Martinez versus Miguel Cotto in New York; the victor seizing “it with the fierceness of a slavering mastiff…”

Part 2 – Love and Legacy: Worth Having; Worth Remembering

Gregor Lewis on the Froch v Groves fight, and the passion and characters that made it such a compelling one. (Anyone not convinced that boxing can be turned into fascinating writing should give this one a read – Ed).