In the saddle with Cadel

About 1.00am, Saturday 16th July.   Someone is ringing the bejesus out of a cowbell in my lounge room. People are yelling, cheering – ‘Allez!’, ‘Vamos!’, ‘Go! Come on!!!’ Phil Liggett is talking to me. He mentions something about riders pushing themselves to the limit, this is what they train for, Le Tour at its [Read more]

Footy: A few sausage rolls from Fev would make this Lions fan roar

This piece was originally published on the ABC Grandstand Footy Unleashed website in August 2008. I thought it timely to revisit it given the Kangaroos’ selection of exciting Sudanese prospect Majak Daw in the rookie draft. Will Daw be any good? Who knows. It doesn’t really matter because he is the first Sudanese player at [Read more]

AFL Round 14: Overheard on a bus

by Ross Green Of all the pre-match analyses leading up to the Geelong-St Kilda game, it’s a pity the conversation my wife and I witnessed on the 246 bus at 11pm on Friday night was not heard by more footy lovers. Two boys, a pint-sized 10-year-old and a wiry, devilish looking 12-year-old hopped on the [Read more]