A day at the COROWA races

Maryanne and I scooted up the Hume on Saturday morning, for the first Corowa race meet for 2012. Early start; 11-35. Met up with relatives in the members and prepared for good day. A 7 race card in glorious summer weather, top temperature being 35. Quite cool for Corowa in January.

Graham Yallop v India @ the Adelaide Oval

As we head across to Adelaide for the final test of this series, my mind drifts back to my youth; last century. In the fifth test of the Australian India series of 1977-78, the sides were tied two tests all heading into the Fifth and final test. We had won the first two tests, India [Read more]

Triple centurions and wickets

One of the best things about Michael Clarkes triple century was he took a wicket in the same match. Other Australian triple centurions, Bradman, Hayden, Taylor, and Simpson, did not manage a wicket(s) in their match when they passed 300, and i’m 95% sure Bob Cowper did not take a wicket in the MCG test [Read more]

Footy Symmetry

Shortly after Geelong beat Collingwood in R 24 i commented on  a posting, reminiscing back to 1980, my focus being on the First Division of the VFA. That year Coburg finished top of the ladder losing only 2 home and away games, not too dissimilar to Collingwood in the 2011 AFL season. I drew an anology [Read more]

Frank Hyett

I don’t know much about Frank Hyett, but if any Alamancers know more, i would be interested in hearing. Sportsman who can reach the higher levels of their chosen sport tend to be rare when it comes those who are also active in left wing politics in Australia, which is why i am interested in [Read more]

The Great Trade War

Archbishop Mannix called World War 1 , ‘The Great Trade War’,as Millions around the world died, whilst their imperial masters saw  their spheres of influence altered. The Hapsburg empire disappeared, Czarist Russia was gone, the Kaiser became an irrelevancy, whilst Britannia continued to rule the waves. In Australia the impact was marked. Visit any country [Read more]

Berrigan boys

  by Glen Davis I tried a while ago to select a team from Berrigan, and adjacent areas in that part of the Riverina, but fell a few players short. How I left out/forgot Shane Crawford is staggering. I have taken on board the comments of fellow Almanackers such as Sheikh Mohammed bin Rocket, and his [Read more]

Geelong: the family club

  by Glen Davis I barracked for Geelong from 1969 until 1999. In these 30 years i saw some marvellous players. I no longer follow Geelong, or any AFL club for that matter, but with the proliferation of footy on TV i am still fairly up to date with what is happening in the AFL.

Kelly Country

The area around North Eastern Victoria, is often known as ‘Kelly Country’ after the famous outlaw, and the Kelly outbreak of 1878-1880. Ned was born in Beveridge in 1854, and this forthcoming side is drawn from players from around, and North of, that area. The family moved from Beveridge to Avenel, up to Greta, eventually [Read more]

Geelong West, a team you can’t resist

  by Glen Davis What’s the name of the team, many Almanackers might say, especially the younger ones. Geelong West Football Club as we knew it  is no more, amalgamating with St Peters in 1988. But prior to that they had strong, proud history. They won 25 Geelong District Football Association (GDFA) premierships, four Ballarat [Read more]

A team of Wagga warriors

  by Glen Davis We’ve had sides from Corowa -Ruthgerglen and Albury-Wodonga, there was an effort to pick a side from around Berrigan, and we might return to that. How about a side from around Wagga, and beyond? Let’s imagine driving out of Albury, up the Hume Highway, and then turning at the Olympic Highway to [Read more]

Twin Cities side

Whilst we are picking sides from along the Murray River, it would be remiss not to have a side from the twin cities of Albury and Wodonga. There are 5 Ovens and Murray teams there, Albury, North Albury, Wodonga, and the two newer ones, Lavington, and Wodonga Raiders. How does this look?

A team from Berrigan and surrounding areas

An attempt to pick a side of players from around the area, much of which is now in the Picola League. I have wanted a side of players drawn from Berrigan, Finley, Tocumwal, and Jerilderie, and i’ll add Barooga, but i’m a few players down. If you cross the Murray you can have players from [Read more]

Corowa and Rutherglen provide a team of handy recruits

This is a side of players from Corowa, Ruthergen, and /or Corowa-Rutherglen who played at the highest level, AFL/VFL. I have left out a numnber of players from the area who did not play for the above listed clubs, including Ross Henshaw and Justin Koschitzke. Any how here we go. B: Stan Hiskins South Melbourne, [Read more]

John Greening Incident

Getting close to 39 years since the infamous felling of John Greening at Moorabin. A lot of water has passed under the bridge, and a lot has not/can not, be said about the episode. Now I recall a fair bit of that  period, but can someone remind me re Jimmy O’Dea’s tribunal hearing. In those days [Read more]

Bombers on Strike

Looking back at Australian Bureau of Statistics, (ABS), data on strikes and industrial action I looked at the figures for Victoria. In 1970 there were 447 industrial disputes in Victoria. These involved around 333,000 workers, and saw just over 510, 800 working days lost. Missing from these statistics were the actions of a group of [Read more]


Does anybody recall much about the Essendon player strike at the start of 1970. I think around 6 players were in dispute, Geoff Pryor, definitely; Gosper, John Williams, and Don Mckenzie i think were amongst them. Lost to Carlton in R 1 , with Les Stillman kicking 6 for the Dons, but beyond that my [Read more]