The Celtic Green Caps.

Like most white fellas, my family background combines a few cultures though primarily it is Irish, and  German. Which brings me to the next point: Why not chose an Australian Test  11 of players whose family origins are from the Emerald Isle. Here we go !

Tom Horan

Tom Kelly

Stan McCabe

Norm O’Neill

Peter Toohey

Colin McCool

James Kelly

Kerry O’Keefe

Bill O’Reilly

Ernie McCormick

Alan Connolly

12th man Simon O’ Donnell

Stan McCabe might indeed be of Scotch origin, but the name Mc Cabe occurs amongst both groups of Gaelic speakers.

Caba is the Irish name for cap, hood, helmet, with McCabe being the son of the helmeted one.

Who have i left out? Who wouldn’t you have chosen? Does the batting order look correct, or maybe Kerry o’Keefe should open, as he  once did, in 1977.  It’s over to my fellow Almanacers.


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