Premiership Doubles: Captains, and Coaches

In VFL/AFL history , not too many people have both captained, then subsequently coached premiership teams.  I’ve tried to pick a team of these , but it is not easy.  So to make the task a tad easier i’ve sought to include the following players.  Included are those who have captained, those who have coached, and a sizeable number who have been captain-coaches, though there’s been none of the latter since ‘Jezza’, in 1979.  Who have I missed out on? Can anyone fill the gaps?

B.  D. Parkin(Hawthorn/Carlton),   F.Hughson(Fitzroy),   P. Bentley (Richmond/Carlton)

H/B. J. Worsfold (West Coast) ,   R. Hickey (Geelong),  M. “Bomber’, Thompson, (Essendon/Geelong)

C. C. Ricketts (South Coast),

H/F. C.Rankin (Geelong), N. Smith, (Melbourne),

F.   J.Dyer(Richmond) ,  A. Jesaulenko ( Carlton),  L. Matthews, (Hawthorn/Collingwood/Brisbane)

Rucks. J. Nicholls ( Carlton),  R. Barrasi, ( Melbourne/Carlton/North Melbourne) , D.Reynolds, (Essendon)

Interchange. S. Barker(Essendon), C. Sutton, (Footscray)




  1. ned_wilson says

    Gary Ayres and Tim Watson?

  2. Bob Davis, John Kennedy.

  3. ned_wilson says

    Adam Simpson

  4. ned_wilson says

    Oops – premiership teams.

  5. You can’t take it back Ned. Welcome aboard the Eagle Express. I look forward to your support in an Eagles V Hawks grand final.

  6. Yes, i fel i submited this post a few days early as i think there are a couple of other contenders, of which no one has yet mentioned. Sorry.


  7. M Blight?

  8. Hi Glen!

    Whoops. Have to scratch Bob Davis and John Kennedy I’m afraid. Both top players and captains. Premiership coaches but not Premiership captains.

    After a little research though I’m pretty sure George Angus (Collingwood 1910) & Dan Minogue (Richmond 1920/21) make the cut.

    Cheers, Burkie

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    The great man Jock McHale was Collingwood’s captain in 1917 but after missing much of the season to injury, the captaincy was retained by Percy Wilson after McHale declined the players vote of him returning as skipper. McHale was the coach in 1917 so won the flag that year as playing coach without being captain on the day. And of course won many flags as non playing coach.

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