Why oh why?

By Ged McMahon

Last Thursday I did something that I really shouldn’t have. I betrayed a long term intimate relationship. I broke the trust and went against everything I’ve ever believed in … I tipped against my beloved Bombers.

I agonised over my decision for some time. I felt sick in the stomach and was racked with guilt. I have prided myself on always tipping the Bombers, ever since my first ever footy tipping comp back in Primary School. No matter what. (Even when “what” is the rampaging Cats of the last 3-4 years.)

In the late 90’s and early 00’s this policy served me very well. In the last few years … ah not so much.

So why did I do this? I’m currently sitting equal top in the office footy tipping comp. And I’ve managed this despite tipping the Dons all year, often against my better judgement. But, my lofty position on the office tipping ladder is not the sole reason for my sudden change of heart.

This year I have returned to study. I’m loving it but, as you can imagine, money has become an issue. I’m not quite living on the street, but the situation has heightened my interest in making a quick buck on the side. Hence my sudden fascination in winning this year’s footy tipping bounty.

In essence, I’ve done exactly what I’ve been accusing the AFL of doing recently … chasing the almighty dollar.

Anyway, I bumbled my way through Friday. I felt like something was missing, despite constant checks of my pockets always locating my wallet, keys and phone. Everything was in place. Superficially at least.

Game time arrived. I huddled nervously in front of the TV. I sipped impulsively at my beer.

We shot out of the blocks. Surely we can’t maintain this frenetic pace, I thought to myself. Teams just don’t do this to the Saints. Do they?

We did. To put it simply, the Bombers played out of their skins. Fletch ran and played like a man half his age, Hooker did a big job on Reiwoldt, Watson continued to show how important he is to the side, Monfries showed spark up forward and Houli suggested perhaps he should be in the senior side more often.

While all this was happening I sat red faced on the couch, sinking lower and lower into the cushions. How could I be so wrong? Why had I turned my back on my beloved Bombers? Do I really deserve to be enjoying this bold win? I was still sipping impulsively on my beer, and had begun to wonder how it would taste with a side of humble pie. It was time to preheat the oven.

The final siren sounded and we’d done it. Any thoughts of my footy tips were cast aside as I hummed along to the song. Regardless of my fickle support, it was a fantastic win and I was happy.

The email came through on Monday morning. I scored 4 tips for the round. I’m still equal top. If I’d tipped the Dons I’d be one clear on top. But I guess footy tips wounds will heal. What I want to know is how am I going to get over the fact that I betrayed my team?

About Ged McMahon

Ged McMahon has been a Bombers fan for as long as he can remember. With a Grandpa who grew up just a spiralling torpedo punt from Windy Hill he didn't have much choice. When his junior football career resulted in almost as many possessions as games he eventually had to bite the bullet and give up his dream of captaining the Bombers to a Premiership. So his weekly footy fix became confined to the stands. He yearns for the next Premiership.

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