Almanac Soccer: The Ineptitude Index

Ahead of the A-League grand final, Glenn Cummings analyses the season that was using the Ineptitude Index.

The Best Against the Best

glennontour decided to have a look through the 2018 AFL results so far and put together a ladder that includes only matches against top 10 sides to see how the the best teams really do rank against the best teams. What do you think?

Almanac Poetry: A local football club

Get around glennontour’s ode to local footy, with inspiration from Dorothea Mackellar

On Lekkas, grooming and Fletch

The signs are all there – Glenn Cummings is staring down the barrel of age as he turns Angelo Lekkas. But while there’s Fletch, there’s hope.

On Price and Freo

I never knew Matt Price. More accurately, I never read Matt Price before he died. I was blissfully unaware of the brilliance that I was missing out on. Having recently discovered Matt, I am in love. The laconic way that he rolls out memorable, witty phrases leaves me in fits of laughter in public places [Read more]

More than one punt in modern footy

I haven’t lived in Melbourne for a few years now, but still love getting back home and catching  the odd game.  Having spent years overseas watching football (soccer) and now living in a rugby state, I can still safely say that footy, the Australian variety, is clearly the greatest of them all.  But there is [Read more]