Almanac Poetry: A local football club

I was struggling to sleep the other night – no idea why.  For some even more unknown reason the poem A Sunburnt Country was going around inside my head.  I am not a poet, rarely even a reader of poetry.  Anyway, I took the poems metre and applied to something possibly as Australian as droughts and flooding rains…  Would be delighted to see some additional verses added in the comments…



I love a local football ground,

A real theatre of dreams.

The kick after the siren,

The tears and joyful screams.

I love watching the ressies,

Some random bloke in goals,

The president runs the boundary,

Tries to avoid the holes.



I love the local hardman,

Normally past his best.

Pulls the boots on every week,

Each Saturday a test.

The talented young fella,

Should have made it big.

Never wanted to leave town,

Was on too good a thing.



I love the odd bit of skill,

It happens now and then,

Someone who used to have it,

Recalls the how and when.

Delivers it laces out,

To the fat full forward,

The ball bounces off his chest,

The crowd rise and then they roar.



I love a local derby,

Talked up the week before,

Tough game for all four quarters,

A massive all in brawl.

All forgotten at the siren,

There’s a beer to be had,

They’re from the next town over,

They’re really not that bad.



I love the fans in winter,

Can barely feel their hands.

A hot pie from the canteen,

Real beer still served in cans.

Cars parked opposite the rooms,

And all around the ground,

Horns ready to celebrate a goal,

I’ll always love that sound.



I love the local characters,

All clubs have one or two,

Macca, Smitty and Beno,

We raise a can to you.

Yes, I love my local football ground,

More than the blades of grass.

The meeting place for the town,

Whatever comes to pass.




About Glenn Cummings

Part time sports expert, all varieties of course but mainly Australian Football, baseball, basketball and cricket. Occassional writer, but prepared to offer up opinions on all things sport, community and politics related more regularly to anyone within earshot. Full time worker, which unfortunately limits my time to research other more interesting subjects.


  1. Cat from the Country says

    This is a gem.

  2. Warwick Nolan says

    That is just about spot on!

  3. Glennontour says

    Cheers Cat / Warwick. It was fun to have a crack at a poem, albeit heavily leaning on a classic. I reckon the last few lines could pay better homage to the original. Something like:

    Yes I love my local football ground
    The place where town convenes
    More than a few blades of grass
    This small green patch for me.

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