Driving Songs: An Almanac Playlist Completed

After extolling the virtues of a good old-fashioned roadtrip in a Footy Almanac post last week and then calling for contributions to the ultimate roadtrip soundtrack, here we have it immortalised in Spotify: Driving Songs: An Almanac Roadtrip.

For the uninitiated, Spotify is a subscription-based music sharing platform, which means you can source (almost) any track/song released across the world by just typing in the song title or artist. I’ve typed in the 105 songs nominated by the People’s Republic of Almanac and, consequently, created a playlist that gives you seven hours of back-to-back music to keep you trucking along the highway (with maybe five minutes of quiet contemplation). How far would that get you up the Hume? Could you make it to the Barossa and stay within the speed limit?

If you don’t have a Spotify account, it’s free to sign-up. If you do have a Spotify account, all you have to do is click on the graphic below and Spotify will take you where you need to be. My original 10 songs are listed at the beginning but what I suggest is you hit the shuffle button and let Spotify randomly mix it up for you. And make sure you fill up the tank before you go…

Note: If I didn’t include your suggestion, it wasn’t available for licence on Spotify.



Emma is a writer, reader and horror movie aficionado. When not having the bejesus scared out of her, she wrangles content creation for her company, Bakewood.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    Nearly as good as Explosive Hits 74! Terrific.

    Emma, the Jam’s Town Called Malice is available on Spotify.

    Drop the A in the search.

    If you can be arsed, delete the cover and replace it with the real tune.



  2. Emma – you star!

    Downloading stat, and then driving somewhere. Completely fabulous.

  3. Emma Westwood says

    I most definitely can be arsed, PJF. A cover version? Good grief! That was a genuine mistake because I wouldn’t include a cover version, especially of such a killer track. Onto it now…

    Thanks, Georgie. ‘It’s Raining Men’ was an inspired choice.

  4. Emma Westwood says

    I should add that I only included specific song suggestions, rather than albums. And, for those with multiple selections from the same artist, I spread them out across the playlist. This was fun.

  5. Trucker Slim says

    Two onyas Emma.

    One for the Roadtrip post that got our sun/beach/bbq/beer addled minds athinkin about the really important stuff. I’m sure I’m not alone in thinking, damn, I forgot to suggest …

    The second, for doing the heavy lifting and actually putting the playlist together.

    Onya, again.

  6. Great work, Emma.

    Good bunch of tracks there.

  7. Luke Reynolds says

    Great stuff Emma, we’ve got it on shuffle at work right now!

  8. Peter Flynn – love the reference to Exploding Hits 74. Have it and the 73 versions on vinyl Originals too. Love the Alvin Stardust photo!
    At work recently I was talking about Alvin – the Gen X/Yers had never heard of him, and I was even more surprised that the 50 year olds didn’t know the identity of his famous wife!

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Bumper,Scorcher and Ripper Emma.

    Rabs, Alvin bobbed up in my car today, was playing the Stiff Records box set and ‘Pretend’, as heard on racing stations around Australia (‘moving in at Shellharbour’) got a run. Not sure if the corner of Waverley and Warrigal Roads counts as a road trip though.

  10. Peter Flynn says

    Cheers Emma,

    Those 70s compilations were hilarious.

    We should have an Almanac 70s compilation shindig.

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