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Round 11 – North Melbourne v Sydney: You gotta accentuate the positive


Fans approached this game with caution. Yes, we beat North soundly last time we played them in the Preliminary Final last year, but they’ve been tracking quite well this season, up and down a bit but very good indeed when they are on. And if people wanted to add a bit of spice to the game, Jack Ziebell said North fans were a decent bunch and asked that there would be no booing of Adam Goodes. As it turned out, we were right to be cautious and Jack was disregarded by some of his fans.


The game was spirited with more than touch of niggle going on. Harvey was being his usual pesky self, even trying to draw a rash response from Lance Franklin, which looked downright comical, but Buddy is an old hand and ignored the nuisance to get on with the game.


Lewis Jetta kicked the first goal of the night, drifting along the 50 metre line to bomb it straight through. At the end of the first quarter the Swans were up by 5 points, the gap closed by a Lindsay Thomas intercept and goal.


A number of Swans fans had decided to counter the moronic booing of Adam Goodes with cheers, which registered strongly both in the stadium and on air according to fans anxiously watching in Sydney. But one of the night’s highlights, puzzlingly not noted in media reports I’ve seen and heard, was when some fans (it might have been the cheer squad) broke into what sounded like the long, slow “Syyyydneee” chant. In fact it had a new twist, and “Gooodesyyy” rang around the ground, was picked up by hundreds of fans that rapidly became thousands, drowning out the boos to the great enjoyment of the people chanting in the stadium and the delight of those listening at home. People commented after on what fun it was to be part of such a positive and stylish response, while the fans watching and listening back in Sydney and elsewhere said it sounded magnificent. No doubt the closed roof helped, and it might not register quite so strongly at the MCG, but we may have discovered a happy antidote to the racist and/or sheer ignorant.


The Swans led by 29 at half time, but North, as we expected, came back strongly in the third quarter to get within two goals. But the Bloods held firm and finished in a flourish with another bomb from Buddy launched from about 55 metres out.


North would be unhappy at missed opportunities, Swans would be happy going to the break with a 9-2 scorecard and second place on the ladder; but there’s a lot of football still to come.



  1. jan courtin says

    Yes Don, the Goodesy chant was superb. I’ve mentioned it in my article too. We were on the wing on the top level and joined in as well.
    Too early in the season to speculate, but we can always hope!
    Cheer cheer

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