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Round 5 – Sydney v West Coast: Freudian Footy

115 years ago Sigmund Freud published The Psychopathology of Everyday Life. It became one of his most-read books, introducing people to concepts we now take for granted, such as the famous, or infamous, Freudian slip. People mostly connect this with the spoken word, but Freud gave many examples of other areas where the concept applied: forgetting of various kinds, misreading, slips of the pen, bungled actions and so on.


I’d never thought of Freud at the football until I saw Lewis Jetta’s attempt to kick a goal last Saturday. About 15 metres from the big sticks, on a generous angle, he managed a behind. It was a truly Richoesque effort. After laughing in disbelief I felt a little sorry for him. He was an important contributor to our last Flag – who would forget THAT run down the flank – and we wished him well when he went to WA for family reasons. But it wasn’t hard to imagine an unconscious wish disturbing the conscious intent; it comes to all of us.


The rest of the game had its share of memorable highlights: Big Ted turned back the pages of time, Tom Papley was nominated for the Rising Star playing like a genuine upfront pest, Hanners ran and ran and ran, our mids got the better of a genuinely good opponent, our defenders held their own against a dangerous forward line – a special mention to Dane Rampe for his job on Darling. I went home from the Riser hoarse and happy.



  1. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Don, lovely observation. Lovely to see your name pop up via the notifications for articles on the site.


  2. jan courtin says

    Nice, and to the point Don.

    I read that a lot has been made of Swans supporters booing Jetts. It certainly wasn’t throughout the game, only when he went for that goal – which has and still is pretty customary when any opposition kicks for goal. So I haven’t read too much into it. Not at all along the lines of the racist behaviour last years towards Goodesy.

    Pleased that you enjoyed yourself at the Riser!

  3. Don – I thought your Swans clearly outplayed my Eagles in 2 areas. Disposal efficiency – particularly in the second half with the slippery ball when everyone was tired. You chose better options and hit more targets.
    More notably your hardness at the contest. Your midfielders hit the packs at speed and with intent. Well played.
    There is a lot of tosh talked about the Eagles “not travelling”. Fact is we have played 2 very good teams away and 3 very poor teams at home. Don’t think it has a lot to do with the venue. More that we are treading water on last year and a lot of other teams have gone past us at this stage.
    I’m sure Simpson will be drilling the hardness and efficiency lessons into them, but it is the best quality and most even comp I can remember.

  4. Don Meadows says

    Thanks Yvette, Jan: I didn’t think to include that Jetts was mobbed by the Swans players after the game.

    And Peter, I do regard the Eagles at full strength and intensity as a top 4 side. Incidentally I wrote a piece last year about how our younger son became a closet Eagles fan while we still lived in Sydney, and is mainly responsible for converting his parents to the one true code!

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