Round 16 – GWS v Brisbane: Footy on my Phone, somewhere in Korea

I’m always having a go at our current obsession with mobile phones. I delight in telling young women that the longer they spend on their phones the more likely their husband will beat them. Indeed, I often see a young couple out at a cafe on a date ignoring one another, with their eyes glued to their phones rather than staring into each other’s eyes and chatting to each other.


I often think of pinching their drinks but it’s probably New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc rather than wine.


However, I did spend quite deal of my time glued to my phone as we travelled, by bus, down the west coast of Korea . The scenery is reminiscent of Italy as both countries are mountainous. You travel along and plunge into long tunnels and then go across wide, deep valleys on most impressive bridges. Both are celebrations of the ingenuity and labour of the human race but for a while I was blind to them.


The mountains lining the highways must be glorious to see when the leaves change in autumn but I would not have seen them.


We got onto the bus at three quarter time with the Brisbane Lions twenty-eight points in front of GWS. The score was


8      6       54                             12       10       72    

I had my phone on the AFL site and these scores were on the live match day feed. GSW had to score lots and score early if they had any chance. We Lions had to hang on.


My son Jack  has told me that screens will develop ghost images if you leave the same image up on the screen for too long. Well I reckon my phone has that score burnt into it as I stared with fixed grim purpose, willing the Lions on. Every thirty seconds it would update and the score would remain the same. Great, hang on there, Lions. Then I realised that GSW had scored a point. I have no idea when that had occurred. It was noticed in the Second World War that operators could only usefully look at radar screen for about twenty minutes before they stopped seeing what the screen was showing. I assume the same thing was happening to me I refocused and then the Lions scored a goal which I did see come up. Gaaaame over.


What we had passed outside I had no idea so looked it up on youtube but

8      6       54                             12       10       72    

has been burnt into my vision.


Go the Lions


GWS GIANTS  1.2       5.5       8.6       11.8 (74)
BRISBANE       4.4       8.7       12.10   14.10 (94)


GWS Giants:
Himmelberg 4, Greene 3, J.Cameron 2, Finlayson, Williams
Brisbane: McCarthy 3, C.Cameron 2, Berry, Rayner, Lyons, Bailey, Neale, Christensen, Hipwood, McCluggage, McStay


GWS Giants: Coniglio, Williams, Himmelberg, Greene, Hopper
Brisbane: Neale, Andrews, McCarthy, McCluggage, Hodge, Martin


GWS Giants:
Kelly (calf), Coniglio (knee), Langdon (ankle)
Brisbane: Hipwood (ankle)


Reports: Nil


Umpires: Margetts, Chamberlain, Wallace


Official crowd: 12,268 at Giants Stadium


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