Round 7 – GWS v Brisbane: Lockdown




Derrinalphil’s in lockdown but I’m use to it. No one is allowed to visit, but being a Melbourne-based Brissie supporter there were many years when no-one would come around to my place to watch the footy. I would eagerly suggested that I would arrive at their place just before the game with gifts to quieten the non-footy supporters in the house, otherwise know as the ‘wife’, my mates would always have an excuse: Foxtel’s on the blink, in-laws are taking us out, etc. etc..


It picked up last season as the Lions started to show some form and a few of them even came to some live games but the Lions versus the Giants was watched at home by myself and the wife (a superior sort of woman who appreciates footy).


Back in the dark ages when Brissie were crap, losing all the time and having so few players worth watching, I would sit at home with a tipple of Rutherglen muscat and watch the Lions. I discovered a footy web site called Bigfooty that kept me sane, or more correctly gave me companionship, when all my footy mates were at Florentino’s or similar.


Some of the posters on Bigfooty disagree with most of the posts that I put up, but on a fan site, so what? Some people block certain posters but I don’t think that’s healthy. Too often the argument becomes the point and the actual point of the argument is forgotten. It’s a discussion and reaching a conclusion ain’t the point. Like a footy team, you have your favourites. I like Mitch Robbo, the bloke we picked up from Carlton. I wanted him on my membership card, but the club said tat although he is the most requested player, it was not possible to have him on my card.


We all have our favourite footy memories. Meeting my great mate Mark at Crown after the 2001 Grand Final is mine. We were Fitzroy obsessives, going along week after week, watching the Roys slowly decline but now, in 2001, we were King of the heap. My favourite Bigfooty moment was at half time in a game (I seem to remember it was against the Crows) and we were 79 points down. Someone posted on the match day Bigfooty Brisbane forum, “What would a coach say to a side that was 80 points down at half time?”


Just think about that. This is my all-time greatest post.


So back to the topic, on Saturday Brisbane played the Greenless Giants and I was surprised Brisbane were not clear favourites going into the match.


The Lions opened up with the first four goals of the match and I hadn’t opened my packet of Costco chocolate bikkies. We all have our discomfort food for when games get stressful. A mate of mine is a compulsive gobbler of the chili deep fried corn you can get from Ross’ Quality Nuts. When I watch a game with him, he is like a conveyer belt, continually feeding his face.


A bad skill error by Ah Chee then gifts the Giants a goal and they run the ball out of the centre to score another and the Lions go into quarter time only two goals up despite seeming to be in control of the match. The rest of the match followed similar lines. Brisbane would extend their lead but a few skill errors, usually by foot, would gift goals to the efficient Giants but for parts of the match Brisbane seemed to dominate the match without being able to over run the Giants.


Brisbane had 22 more inside 50s but ran out winners by only 20 points. Brisbane do not have an efficient forward line but their array of midfielders is the envy of most other teams. Neale was well held for most of the day but players like Lyons, Zorko, Bailey popped up when required.


The Giants had domination of the centre square all day, at one stage having three times the clearances of the Lions. Geelong ran over Brisbane last week in one quarter where it seemed that Brisbane would have been better served to merely hand the ball to Dangerfield after very goal and set up to defend the seemingly inevitable Geelong forward entry from the centre bounce.


The Lions provided the highlights of the match. McCarthy taking two ripper marks and Rayner despite having little of the ball, taking a few screamers and hitting Cameron, on the lead, lace out, left foot, while being under extreme pressure.


The Lions now have umpteen games at home and the Giants need to get a few more inside 50’s. If Brisbane want a premiership this year they need a Gabba final series and their key forwards have to become as good as their defenders and midfielders. Daniel McStay ran around the ground demanding the ball and his ball usage, when not kicking for goal, is elite. His co-conspirator Hipwood had a game he would like to forget. Once finals start, Brisbane must become more efficient going forward or last years finals will simply repeat themselves.



GREATER WESTERN SYDNEY               2.3       4.4       8.5       10.8 (68)
BRISBANE                                                      4.4       7.5       10.6     13.10 (88)


Greater Western Sydney:
 Himmelberg 3, Taranto 2, Cameron 2, Finlayson, De Boer
Brisbane: Cameron 2, Rayner 2, Bailey 2, Zorko, Neale, McCarthy, Lyons, Hipwood, Martin, McCarthy


Derrinalphil’s votes


3 Votes: Birchall

2 Votes: Rich

1 Vote: Andrews


PS Remember I NEVER give an onballer a vote


  1. My favourite footy moment was meeting my great mate Phil at Crown after the 2001 premiership with an ice cold Crownie ….. !!!

    I hoping there’s another crownie just around the corner for us this year

    Key is whether our key forwards ,HipWood and Mcstay, can stand up.

    I’d also like to see with Witherdon in the side for Lester. Lester’s been a great servant, and is clearly a first class bloke. I just feel with Witherdon’s got more upside with his potential elite kicking and footy nouse.

    My only other concern is whether we are quick enough down back, and whether will crack if the site has really speedy forwards.

  2. Phil Hill says

    People are obsessed with that Giants bloke running away from Witherden in the last quarter of that final but they forget Witherden had kept him to 3 or 4 disposals fro the match.

    Lots of blokes who could come in: Answerth did everything well last year

  3. Len Rodwell says

    You mention Brisbane being 79 points down at half time to Adelaide. In their final season the Roys were down to Adelaide by 116 points at half time. However, I do recall making myself watch the second half simply because this was Fitzroy’s last season. We fought back to only lose by 99.

  4. Phil Hill says

    Len I think I have confused the games. I try not to remember 1996 for 21 reasons (all the games we lost) but the game I was referring to was under Voss/Leppa and it probably wasn’t the Crows.

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