Geelong Cats – The past and the future

David Zita believes Geelong’s 2015 was merely a hiccup. The arrival of Danger along with the emergence of some kids has David’s glass more than half full. The Cats will be back

Steven Motlop, The Clash, and a bit of Sam Smith

Geelong’s season over for 2015 – David Zita points out retention is just as important as acquisition for the Cats’ bounce. Warning Crows fans: this piece contains traces of Patrick Dangerfield

Rise of the Prototype

With the debut of born and bred American, Jason Holmes, for St Kilda on Saturday night David Zita ponders the rise of the prototype footballer

Stop and Listen, AFL: The Goodes Debate

David Zita dwells on the Adam Goodes crowd reaction debate. Simply put, it’s a complex issue with, as is often the case in life, far too much grey for reductive black and white posturing – on both sides of the argument.

Round 15 Preview

David previews 3 games which have the most interest in Round 15.

Round 12 – Preview

David Zita previews 3 key matches in Round 12, that could shape the season ahead.

Round 11: The Pre-Match Preview

David Zita previews Round 11 and in his opinion there are some interesting games this week.

Round 6 – Collingwood v Geelong: Fast and Furious, the Geelong Resurgence

David Zita says the Cats performance against Collingwood was a sign of a rage within, as indicated by the desire to win the footy. And then, when they had it, whooshka!