The “dam alternate AFL Ladder”

Regardless of what occurs in the last round of the NAB Challenge, Melbourne have clearly been the standout team with wins over Port and Footscray. If there was silverware on offer, captain Jack Viney would be making the gracious speech congratulating Essendon for the fierce competition and wishing them well for the year.

For the Demons, it’s mission accomplished, but season over.

Goodwin may as well take over from Paul Roos now. Perhaps he already has. (Ed: get the researchers to find out if Roos is even in the country).

It’s now over to clubs like Hawthorn, Geelong and the Swans.

Like Demon fans, for the supporters of the Blues, Tigers, Saints, the whole of Queensland et al, it’s time to rebuild, consider draft selections and book players in for operations. In short, the AFL ladder is irrelevant.

No use complaining. Need to do something constructive.

And “dam” has.

Have created the “dam alternate AFL league”

A simple concept. Just select four teams and they become your “side”

There are rules:

– Select one of Brisbane Lions or Carlton
– Select one of Melbourne or St Kilda
– Select one of Collingwood or Richmond
– Select one other side. Any side!

For the last selection, can even pick Hawthorn, Freo or West Coast. The Hawks have peaked, the Dockers will struggle to get a full team on the field by seasons end, and the Weagles will show the difference between last years “gift” draw and a challenging one. At least six ladder positions.

The astute money is on Footscray, Port or Geelong.

The rationale for the dam alternate AFL league is that the poor form of your own club is camouflaged. Accountants say it’s the football equivalent of “amortisation” where the results, risk, returns are spread over a range of clubs. You can subliminally support a team that heretofore had been a mortal enemy with impunity. Importantly after round twelve you maintain some semblance of interest in the outcome of the remaining AFL matches.

Trust those who are interested will devote some thought to the teams name. That’s important. The Giants showed us that. Inspired ……..….not. Have been taken by Geelong’s change of name to the “Dangerwoods” and the “dam AFL” side plagiarises the concept.

Given there are four sides only to be selected, there are likely to be ties come seasons end. Only home & away matches count. So need a tie break question which is the equivalent of the Grand final.

The tie break question is………….

What will be the combined Brownlow votes for Gary Ablett and Jack Watts in 2016 ?
To assist and by way of example the “dam AFL team” name and selections are:

The “dam BuggaWatts”:

– Brisbane Lions
– Melbourne
– Richmond
– Geelong

– 17 votes

“Almanackers” seeking relief from the traditional AFL Ladder are welcome to submit their side and team name to be part of the “dam alternate AFL” competition.

Look forward to selections in the comments section.

Regards da mcdonell

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