To the Victor Go the Spoils



Tapped his foot like little Thumper


It would make his straight drives far from handsome


Less Kim Hughes and a lot more Handscomb


Imagine if he twirled his bat


And wore a white, floppy hat;


Imagine that, but reflect on this –


He was twice as good, and averaged half as much as, Smith


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Richmond fan; Kim Hughes tragic; geographer; kids' book author; Evertonian; Manikato; Harold Park trots 1980; father of two; cat lover, dancer with dogs; wannabe PJ HArvey backing vocalist; delusional...


  1. Peter Crossing says

    Very good.
    However, twice as good makes him a mere mortal.

    Will expect a Tigers lament on Monday?

  2. Sagacious CP. Cricket? Time wounds all heels.

  3. From the book of Lamentations…. EAT ‘EM ALIVE!

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