Round 6 – Richmond v Port Adelaide


No Warrington: No Richmond.

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  1. Mr Wrap saw this coming. Its why he took his rabbit traps and fishing rods and headed for the Darling before the season started. Will you be joining him O Cranky One? Out where the skies and possibilities are endless, and you can’t hear the jungle drums echoing “f…me; f…no;f…”

  2. I dunno. I see enough actual wrecks including trainwrecks working in safety.

    this was always the likely scenario of Hardwick’s contract extension. the key players and the coach and the club don’t have a songsheet. we’re going backwards to come again, we’re dumb, we have a list who can win the flag, one day enough will be enough – it’s like reading my bullshit!

    I hear Dusty lifted – good. I’m sure Jack tried.

    I listened on the radio for a bit and the papers are talking deledio up but it seemed a typical performance, some flashy kicks and runs and tackles, and lots of errors and missed targets. and missed another sitter when we need it (granted he snapped one a minute later. still…) the papers talk him up. but somehow he played, and we lost anyway. wow.

    (confession – I sneaked a peek in the 3rd quarter and saw Brandon Ellis miss a 20m target across goal into the corridor, leading to a goal. first round draft pick and almost 100 games…. ta ta. Back to writing the novel.)

  3. However I taped and watched the second half of the Giants – wow!

  4. No report of T. Chaplin? Missing targets from 20 metres used to be his forte! Hard to muster much enthusiasm as a Port man after that win. I am aware that a win is a win is a…..but. I remain grateful for small mercies though.

  5. chrism76 says

    Think you are selling Port a little short Bucko. Was a significant win in the scheme of things, even against Richmond.
    Now watch Richmond implode and sack a coach when his players have let him down again.
    Mind you, contract extension was lunacy.

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