Ashes Summary (or ‘Why I Should Have Listened To My Brother’)

On the morning of Day One of the First Test in Brisbane, my brother made the confident prediction that Australia would comfortably win the Ashes. I didn’t believe him; partly because he is 15 but mostly because nobody in the world can polish a turd like my brother.

AFL Round 22 – St.Kilda v Gold Coast: The end of the end is only the beginning for the Saints.

For all the brilliance of Montagna and Riewoldt, this match came to be about Stephen Milne.

AFL Round 19 – Hawthorn v Richmond: The day the storm arrived…

This game was not meant to be anything more than a brave defeat for the Tigers, but they beat the Hawks at their own game, writes ecstatic Richmond fan Callum O’Connor.

AFL Round 13 – Western Bulldogs v Richmond: The lid’s off, baby!

Inspired by a musical backdrop of the Smiths, Led Zeppelin, and Hendrix, Tigers fan Callum O’Connor reaches new heights in footy reporting. (Warning: Contains a lovely sledge for Tom Waterhouse.)

Tigers Before Homework

Holiday homework. To almost everyone in high school, it’s not the amount of work that trips them up: it’s the general belief that you’re going to get around to it. But you don’t until the final weekend of the holidays. So, need to summarise my VCE French Revolution notes….not too bad, a couple of pages….you [Read more]

The road to North Nitch

  by Callum O’Connor I have no doubt the coverage particularly in NSW and Queensland, will be enhanced on a national basis which will be great for our supporters. ANDREW DEMETRIOU   I called all my brothers and uncles and aunts, and I said, “Listen here! Here’s a wonderful chance for the whole Once-Ler Family [Read more]

2010 Season Summary In Brief

Season Highlights: James Podsiadly and Michael Barlow’s fairytale debut seasons. Season Lowlight: Travis Tuck proving that recreational drugs are still a part of Aussie Rules.    Collingwood’s resurgence is up there too. Improvers: Impossible to go past Jumpin’ Jack Flash, but Mark Jamar comes a close second.

Tigers defy expectations

“Got your myki?” “Yes.” “Got your footy membership card thing?” “Ye-wait, no. Thanks Mum.” And so I was out the door and on the train to Eaglemont to meet my uncle and see Richmond. While the Tigers have been on this ‘four of five’ hot-streak, Richmond has beaten three pathetic teams and a top eight [Read more]

Cats Machine Rusty on a Wet Night

The rain poured, making a mess of my blazer in minutes. The train was delayed, so consequentially it was packed. I had to run in school shoes for fifty metres to get out of the freezing June rain. And I did it all with a smile. School was over. The Friday afternoon rain just made [Read more]

A new chant for new hope

At the ten-minute mark of the second quarter, a singular magnificently poignant act from the Richmond cheer squad makes my heart swell with pride and hope. For the last ten years, one man in footy has deserved a chant of his own-Richo, requiring no other name, the chant befitting no other player. The Tiger supporters [Read more]

Banter and blue cheese in front of the telly

I can’t remember a home and away game ever having so much riding on it. It was indeed a battle of the titans. Collingwood, terrifyingly, were on top of the ladder and, with St Kilda hampered by the loss of Nick Riewoldt and the Bulldogs struggling to find consistency, seemingly a real chance for a [Read more]

AFL Semi-Finals: Bulldogs fire in my first finals match

By Callum O’Connor This year, I had expected to go to the finals. I would be there, urging on my Tigers with my uncle as they played their first final since 2001. Well, here I am. Going to the finals? Check. To watch a big cat team with a relative? Check. Pity it’s the wrong [Read more]