Ashes 2015 – Second Test and Day 3 of The Open: Analysis, Banter and Memory

Thoughts on Day 4 of the cricket and Day 3 of the golf?

Almanac Rugby League – State of Origin 2015: Game Three – Red Dead Redemption

Callum O’Connor’s first rugby league match sees the Maroons run riot against the shell-shocked Blues.

Round 12 – Richmond v West Coast: Bandwagons, ho!

Tigers supporter Callum O’Connor assures us this isn’t a bandwagon piece.

Carlton and Hawthorn: a study in contrasting… fortunes?

How did it come to this? In 2004 both Carlton and Hawthorn had bleak seasons. Callum O’Connor contrasts the happenings at each club since that time.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Twenty Three): The Last Post

And just like that, another season is all over. Callum O’Connor recounts the valiant grand final defeat of the mighty Lower Plenty third XI.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Twenty One): Make Your Own Luck

The first leg of the Mighty Lower Plenty Thirds’ Grand Final against Montmorencey…

Seasons in the Sun – Part Twenty (The Denouement (?)): The Panton Hillbillies and the Mark Marshall Fan Club

Day two of their semi-final against Lalor Stars; the Lower Plenty Third XII look to complete the run chase and progress to the competition Grand Final. Is this their season denouement?

Seasons in the Sun – Part 20 : Vesuvius, the Fly Ball Invertebrate and Finals Aren’t Logical

It’s finally the finals. Having made it this far, the mighty Lower Plenty Thirds now face their nemesis from earlier in the season; the Lalor Stars. After their near-elimination in the previous round, our heroes know that logic and form has no place in the post-season. Let the action begin!

Seasons in the Sun (Part Nineteen): And the winner is………….

Did you think that the Kiwis and the Australians at Eden Park was the low scoring thriller of the weekend? Callum O’Connor advises you to think again as the Lower Plenty Thirds stagger to a finals slot. Or do they?

Seasons in the Sun (Part Eighteen) : Discipline, Patience and Nurofen – In That Order

It’s the Benevolent Leader’s birthday as the Lower Plenty Thirds clash with Eltham in the hopes of securing a finals spot. Preparations for a time honoured tradition – Old Man Cafè – begin, and does the ‘Vets bus’ give the opposition some unwanted ammunition?

Seasons in the Sun (Part 17): Patience v Patience, Discipline v Discipline.

It’s time. One last bridge to cross to make the finals. Can our heroes get the job done against Riverside?

Seasons in the Sun (Part Sixteen): Slow Day in Greensborough

Things are getting tight with a finals berth in the balance for Callum O’Connor and the Lower Plenty Third XI.

Seasons in the Sun (Part 15) : Let’s Be Serious, That’s Just S–thouse Batting

“The Kane household thrives on a level of competition that makes ‘The Hunger Games’ look like ‘The Brady Bunch’”. Callum O’Connor continues his Lower Plenty Third XI season diary, where our heroes need a big kill over North Eltham.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Fourteen): Percentage on a postage stamp?

Runs flow at a little ground in the suburbs as The Leader calls for percentage and the Lower Plenty Thirds reach the Bradman score.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Thirteen): The Return of Statler and Waldorf

The mighty Lower Plenty Thirds edge closer to booking a finals spot amidst consternation from those who are, as The Benevolent Leader will undoubtedly agree, Muppets.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Twelve): Striving for the finals

Callum O’Connor and his Lower Plenty Thirds are in a post-Christmas fight for a finals berth. New players may help prospects: “Jacob gives it a good crack – he plays some sublime pulls, cuts and drives. As soon as he stops missing the ball, we’ll have another handy bat in the Thirds…”

Seasons in the Sun (Part Eleven): The Needle and the Benefit Done

Callum O’Connor chronicles the Lower Plenty Third XI’s run chase, and (reluctantly) reveals his contribution to the effort.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Ten): How to entrench a nickname

Callum O’Connor and the Lower Plenty Thirds are facing Montmorency in the last game before Christmas. The line-up has changed but the day still brings a Clayton’s toss, a former club mate and all the chat of the local playing field.

Adelaide Test, Australia v India – Day Two: “Do your job”

Day Two saw what will be one of Michael Clarke’s more memorable centuries – but what will it cost him and his side? Callum O’Connor reports.

Seasons in the Sun (Part Nine): “Survivor Bowling”

Defending a huge 4/351, Lower Plenty Thirds could experiment in the field. Callum O’Connor tells of ‘Survivor: Bowling,’ a reality-TV-style bowl-off. “…Some men are born great. Others bowl slow-slow mediums and have hat tricks thrust upon them…”