2010 Season Summary In Brief

Season Highlights: James Podsiadly and Michael Barlow’s fairytale debut seasons.

Season Lowlight: Travis Tuck proving that recreational drugs are still a part of Aussie Rules.    Collingwood’s resurgence is up there too.

Improvers: Impossible to go past Jumpin’ Jack Flash, but Mark Jamar comes a close second.

Sliders: Fevola and Akermanis (who, since being axed, has contributed a weekly annoying article for the Herald Sun on the imperfections of the Bulldogs). Dean Cox as well.

Giggle Moments: The bookies who gave all punters who tipped Richmond for the spoon their money by Round 6.

Lament: The Bulldogs. A chance missed through a seeming lack of total commitment and hurt.

What next? Keep your eye on the Primus led Power. As for the Lions, several years of rebuilding is on the cards after a disastrous 2010.

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  1. Giggle moment #2: those same bookies paying out on NicNat as rising star :p

    What fools, hope they’ve learnt their lesson.

  2. Admirably concise and to the point Callum. :)

  3. Sam Marcolin says

    Trav Varcoe has improved quite considerably. Great article Callum.

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