Yin and Yang – We Love Balance

I think it was Sir Isaac Newton (Knighted before Tony Abbott), who coined the phrase “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction”.

The AFL seem to always be walking a fine balance. Between the rich clubs and the poor clubs, between the Free TV audience and the Pay TV audience and between sanity and lunacy. As a person who blew up a Bunsen burner in Year 9, I have a better appreciation and understand of Sir Isaac’s work than I do of the current AFL ticketing regime.

But one cannot fault the AFL on the current state of the ladder. After round 5 it is a thing of beauty. It has style, it has grace, but most of all it has balance.

You see for the nerds amongst us, the ladder is perfect. There is 1 team undefeated and 1 team without a win. There are two teams 4 and 1 and there are two teams 1 and 4. Finally there are 6 teams 3 and 2 and 6 teams 2 and 3. Im sure that in all the work that has been undertaken with the draft, salary caps and equilisation processes, that the AFL should be pushing the positive PR spin to say that all is right with the world.

To delve deeper, lets look at the various match ups on the Yin and Yang scale.

Geelong 5-0 v Brisbane 0-5

Further apart you could not get two teams, both figuratively and geographically. Did Michael Voss really leave the club in this bad a state? Is Geelong a genetic freak, continually regenerating without dipping?

Port Adelaide 4-1 v Melbourne 1-4

Two suprises here. The fact that Port Adelaide are second (gee Ken Hinkley is a genius) and the fact Melbourne has won a game.

Hawthorn 4-1 v Carlton 1-4

Like Geelong, Hawthorn are genetically superior. Having done well from the Buddy trade, they continue to mutate like the Terminator and get stronger. To think their opposite reaction used to be the power broker at the ground they once shared. Nothing is going right for the Blues, but gee there have been some funny social media comments and pictures.

WCE 3-2 v West Bulldogs 2-3

Again, perfect alignment with our two “western” teams opposed. Both would be happy with their progress, though it shows just how hard it is for the boys from Footscray to take a step forward in comparison to those with the Iron Ore cash.

Freo 3-2 v GWS 2-3

I think the Hooks would be slightly disappointed, whereas the Giants would be cock-a-hoop. Freo are playing like a side that is hunted whereas the Giants can still getaway with youthful inconsistency. These two show the new franchise v the previously new franchise. It will be GWS’s turn soon enough.

Coll 3-2 v Syd 2-3

A rivalry that goes back to 1897. The Pies will be complaining about everything, crowds, equlisation, taggers, global warming, the price of petrol. Somethings never change, but to their credit they get the job done. The opposite affect is the Swans. They complain about nothing, but everything has gone wrong. This seems to be their winter of discontent, it rains, Buddy has had one good quarter. Things are awry and not running smoothly.

North Melb 3-2 v Adelaide 2-3

Like their respective clubs, lets face it, no one really cares. North are North and battle on. Adelaide seem to be the Holden of SA as Port motors forward.

Gold Coast 3-2 v Richmond 2-3

Like Australia rose on the sheeps back, Gold Coast rides on G Ablett Jnr’s back. He is going so well they will rename the Brownlow after him, if not the state. Richmond on the other hand unfortunately are worse than their mandatory ninth. It is funny that they mirror the side that has been their nemisis over the past years.

StKilda 3-2 v Essendon 2-3

Not since the days of 1977 when Big Carl, Big Jeff and Big Sidey cleaned up the pre Baby Bombers at Moorabbin has St Kilda been such a nemisis to the Bombers. After the a bout of flu (even Codryl must be on the banned list at Essendon), even Bomber was starting to look down in the dumps. Alan Richardson is second only in genius status to Ken Hinkley. It says a bit about the value of apprenticeships.

So, all is in balance. Unfortunately it will not last, but we should take comfort that our Shung Fui is in place, our chackra balanced and our flotsum and jetsom in equal proportions.


A mediocre local sportsman now paying for the sins of the past. Golf and walking the only options. As JTH said, you are not a golfer if you cant shoot under 85. Im not a golfer


  1. Dave Brown says

    It’s a truly beautiful thing – if my back of the envelope jotting is correct if Essendon, St KIlda, Fremantle, Gold Coast, Carlton, Sydney, Adelaide, Hawthorn and Geelong win, balance will be maintained

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