Almanac Art – Richmond: Stewart Street Mural

Andy Fuller stumbled onto this wonderful freshly painted mural on Stewart Street, just by Richmond Station, on Sunday afternoon. The artist is Nick Howson.






Richmond has a bit of a history of street art, with Creative Suburbs first undertaking the Stewart Street Art Project in 2015.


Nick Howson painted the image for the cover of The Footy Almanac 2009.


Copies of all Footy Almanacs from 2007 t0 2018 are available HERE.


  1. bowchamp says

    That’s so fabulous – I particularly love the nod-to-the-past goal umpire.
    This Stewart St artwork also sits very nicely with (or could even have been created by?) the wonderful ‘Tiger Legend’ just beside & outside the Swan St entrance to Richmond Station by Nick Howson.

    And for those Almanack-ers who appreciate these things, Nick is a Magpie fan – but a pragmatic one who realised that no Collingwood jumper was ever going to be painted, let alone survive, on that particular site in the middle of the Tiger Heartland.
    However, as the attached article states, the face in that painting was modeled on one of Collingwood’s favorite sons, so ….

    There’s also a bollard outside ACMI in Flinders St with a Richmond footballer painted on it – how Melbourne is that? – which looks like it could be his work too.

  2. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    That bollard

  3. Hi Andy,

    Wow! It is interesting to see. How passionate Richmond supporters are. I hope my Saints win at the MRV Match that I am attending.

    Thanks for photos and your piece.

    All the best.


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