Ashes Blog: 2nd Test, Adelaide

It’s no surprise that Mitch Johnson has paid the price for his poor Brisbane performance. But should Marcus North also have been dropped?

And what of England? They too struggled for wickets in Brisbane. Can either of these two sides take the 20 wickets required to win on an Adelaide pitch that, by all accounts, will be the batsman’s paradise it usually is?

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  1. Woke to the strains of God save The Queen in full rehearsal blaring up the Montefiore Hill from the magnificent Adelaide Oval to my (secret) digs here in North Adelaide. Safe to say that I have the closest room in existence to the Adelaide Oval, and to the Colonel Light statue. A prize for guessing where I am. GCJD Haigh is also staying here. Terrific launch of the Almanac in Adelaide last night after driving through about five storms across western Victoria and in the Adeliade Hills. Queensland rain. My man (BD) at the Centre for Meteorology and other Obsession (an official meteorologist) is predicting storms in the first half of the Test and rain in the second. The draw may be the go.

  2. JTH – sounds like you might be sleeping on the park bench outside the front gate.

  3. Well…who cares about England’s bowlers…the Aussies will just let the fielders get them out!
    Diamond duck. Worst feeling a batsman can experience (believe me, I know).
    Ponting now out first ball.
    Aussies 2 fa none !

  4. Katich run out! Now there’s away to get wickets on a batsman’s paradise!!

  5. Clarke just made the most unimpressive 2 I have ever seen.
    Played and missed 3 times and he only faced 5 balls.
    Aussies 3 fa 2 !
    Disarray would be an understatement.
    Mike Hussey strides to the crease in the third over of the match !

  6. Peter Flynn says

    Reads like chaos on Cricinfo.

    The same issues that have been dogging this ordinary team are likely to recur in this Test.

    Ponting should bat at 6.

    3/2? Classic.

  7. Three for 6 now. Projected total now 20…

  8. Peter Flynn says

    Like Klink becoming exasperated with Hogan: HOGARN!


  9. Australians all let us rejoice, for we are free to see,

    Our captain and vice captain fail again, at the South Australian “G”

    The Poms are jumping up and down, the wickets now are three

    So I’m off to the garden, now my weekend’s free

  10. Anderson puts Hussey down in his follow-through.
    Aussies should have been 4 / 12 !!!!

  11. We’ll still make 400

  12. Dips,

    we can “bite them on the knee caps”.

  13. We already have more wickets than votes last night.

  14. Love your optimism, Dips.
    But if we make 400, I fear the Poms may make 600.

  15. #13 Tony,
    Hopefully that animated kangaroo has the pads on and is next in !
    He looked like he might be able to handle this pressure..

  16. Australia v West Indies, Adelaide 1982. Australia were 3/8 (and 4/17), recovered to make 238 (G Chappell 61, Border 79, Marsh 39, Holding 5/72, Roberts 4/43). West Indies replied with 389 (Larry Gomes 124, Lloyd 53, Dujon 51, B Yardley 5/132, Thomson 4/112). 2nd Innings Australia 386 (Border 126, Hughes 84, Laird 78, Garner 5/56). West Indies 5/239 (Lloyd 77*, Greenidge 52, Richards 50) won by 5 wickets.

  17. Any chance we can do away with the skipper who wins the toss calling whether he bats or bowls? (That’s “theoretically bowls” in Ponting’s case.) Instead you use a coin marked bat on one side and bowl on the other side and whatever the coin does you do too. Take the option out of the hands of the skipper.

  18. You want dreadful starts? I got dreadful starts. There are, in fact, 16 starts worse than today.

  19. Peter Flynn says


    400 what?

  20. #14 – Smokie – spot on. These stodgy Poms will bat for three days and make the game safe. It could be a massive yawn.

    Flynnie – 400 farts in the dressing rooms in 5 days.

  21. A fart on you ‘Goodie’ O’Donnell

  22. Hang on a minute.

    The Imperialists lost 3 for 0 last week.

    And they were all good batters, not burned out old hacks like ours.

  23. #18. Nice one, Tony. Actually that list of 16 covers starts of 3/2, including this one. Interesting to note that, with the score now at 3/61, this is already the 4th best recovery by a side out of that list. The three to beat are:

    West Indies 3/1 against NZ in 1983, lost their 4th wicket at 238
    South Africa 3/1 against England in 1994, lost 4th wicket at 73
    NZ 3/1 against Pakistan in 1976, lost 4th wicket at 62

  24. Gigs,

    “Interesting to note that, with the score now at 3/61, this is already the 4th best recovery by a side out of that list.”

    Are you trying to get them out? You are the Manchurian Stats Blogger. I would make a joke about fifth columns, but I can’t think of one.

  25. Don’t shoot the messenger, Tony!

    Besides, it’s gives Hussey and Watson something to aim for.

  26. True. I’ve been trying to ween myself off the mozz. Tougher than the gaspers.

  27. #23. 3/64 now. Up to second on the list.

    Anderson two wickets and almost a third, but no scalps yet for Broad, Finn and (after 1 over) Swann.

  28. Last weekend, did Finn get the worst-ever six-for in Test history?

  29. #28. Good question. Bet you can’t “Statsguru” that one!

  30. Sadly, can’t tick a box for “subjective worst”. Better get ESPN onto the case.

  31. Up to No.2 with a bullet. Well, a leg bye, anyway.

  32. #28.

    How was Krejza’s eight for?

  33. Krejza’s eight-for was indeed very worsty.

  34. As a Test captain (which, admittedly I’m not), I would be happy with 2/80 or better batting first, after the first session of a Test match. At 3/82, Australia is only slightly off the mark, and well in the game.

  35. #28, 32 and 33.

    Yes, but an 8-for doesn’t belong on a list of 6-fors.

  36. Big 6 by Watson off Swann. Huge hit.
    But, again, no-one in the crowd is up to the task of completing the catch.
    Over the past couple of years, the catching ability of the Australian
    crowds has declined in concert with the fortunes of our Test team.

  37. #36. Good observation, Smokie. It’s amazing how a loss of confidence can spread.

  38. #34 Gigs, I agree…since the five minutes I have been desparately searching
    for positives. 3/87 is not sounding too bad. Is it?
    Two weeks ago, who would have thought that Hussey would be our most in-form

  39. Superb half century from Paper Cut Watson. Doubtless Krab Katich will congratulate him at lunch.

  40. 3/94 at lunch Day 1.
    Watson needs to make 200 here…a ton for him, and a ton for Katich.
    Katich looked decidedly non-plussed while watching that session from
    the players’ balcony. Love to be a fly on the wall when watson comes
    back into the dressing-room.
    Again, on the positive side, the Aussies have fought back rather than
    folded, after such a disastrous start.

  41. In Brisbane and now Adelaide, both sides have shown the ability to absorb the punches and then hit back. Or is it that the punches are powder-puffs and neither side has the ability to deliver a knock-out blow?

  42. Peter Schumacher says

    How can Clarke be considered as the captain in waiting. He should be dropped.

  43. Anyone know if Clarke getting dropped is in Wikileaks?

  44. Time for North to stand up and be counted.
    Has never made runs in a pressure situation.

  45. How often has Michael Clarke made runs in a pressure situations? He’s the cash-in king.

  46. Watsom now has 12 Test 50s but only two 100s. Must be one of the worst coversion rates in history.

  47. Gigs,

    Clock this list.

  48. #46. And the frustrating thing is, Gigs, that he always seems to
    get himself out, rather than the bowlers being too good for him.
    The cricket equivalent of more “unforced” errors than “forced”.

  49. #47. Tony, do you think we should be a bit more forgiving, given his three outs in the 90s?

  50. #35,

    it’s a Tasmanian thing Gigs. We are always raising the bar.

    But very observant of you; six is definately not eight, or vice versa.

    And speaking of ‘unforced errors’ #46, who is Watsom Gigs?

  51. #50. Phantom, re the misspelling, in the parlance of today’s youth, “my bad”.

  52. Cricinfo have just pointed out that Marcus North’s average, when he makes over 10, is over 80.

  53. Ricky Ponting MUST have had something to do with Marcus retaining his place in the team. After all Ponting does barrack for North…

  54. Another one pinched from Cricinfo: “Fancy this! Batting at No. 4, Michael Clarke has an average of 31. Whereas, his previous batting position at No. 5 boasts an average of 73!”

  55. Andrew Starkie says

    Sitting at my desk writing school reports – and buying shoes online, but that’s another story – and listening to Aggers and Flemmo on the ABC broadcast. Very relieved to hear Collingwood has come on. Do England have enough bowlers? Impressed by the courage shown by our selectors in picking Harris and Bollinger. But, why isn’t P. George in the team. He played in the second Test in India, is from SA and took 5 wickets against Tassie on the weekend.

    I’m on an early flight to Adelaide in the morning. Looking forward to a day on the hill with a Pommy mate. C’mon Aussie!

  56. I saw a video of the shot Clarke played today to get out – looked like the sort of shot that we played in the backyard in the 70s when trying to plop one over the pine trees which stood at long-on.

  57. Andrew Starkie says

    Come on Marcus North – it’s now or never.

  58. 57. It’s never.

  59. A duck to Harris batting at number 8. He’s filling Mitchell Johnson’s shoes beautifully…

  60. For all his flaws, North still has more runs, wickets and catches this series than Johnson.

  61. It’s 1986 again.

  62. Almost a mirror image of Day 1 at Brisbane. A hat-trick to Swann would have made it even more so.

  63. LIVE GIG-STAT: The last time Australia scored 245 in the first innings of a Test match (batting first) was in the First test. No, not the first Test of this series; the first Test EVER!

    March 1877, MCG: Australia 245 (Bannerman 165*), England 196 (Jupp 63, Midwinter 5/78), Australia 104 (Shaw 5/38), England 108 (Kendall 7/55)

  64. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Didn’t we win that test by 45 runs Gigs?

  65. 64. Yes, Phil. Just as we did exactly 100 years later.

  66. Peter Flynn says

    A Hilditch.

    Owner of that absurd and, in the long-term unsustainable, shovel-style hook shot.

    North has failed to reach 20 in 21 of his 34 Test innings.

    Please, please, please, pretty please do something about this.


    Peking Pete

  67. Peter Flynn says


    Billy Midwinter was a previous landlord of the Clyde Hotel.


    Peking Pete

  68. Peter Flynn says

    Long-term (and short-term really), Watson doesn’t cut it as an opener. Surely. He’s an accidental opener. He’s not really an opener. Is he?

    Too loose, too prone to lbw early doors, too prone to running the other poor sod out GM Wood style and he is a complete tool.

    Will not finish averaging over 40 in Test cricket.


    Peking Pete

  69. #67. As usual, the fount of all knowledge, PP.

    Come back soon. Australia needs you!

  70. Weather may shorten this Test. Draw still well in the frame.

  71. Magnificent morning again here. As was yesterday – even once the cricket started. Because that was a remarkable opening half hour. Gripping. For quite a while you felt Australia would capitualte and be all out for 43. I haven’t seen replays but it looked like there was a run in the leg-bye, Ponting lunged, bat and leg striding together, as he does early, and Clarke got about four beauties and finally nicked one. Then Dave Goodwin predicted what Watson would do almost to the minute. And Hussey will be disappointed in going to an offie on a first-day Adelaide Oval wicket when he was set. North has absolutely no footwork, best illustrated when the ball comes back through the gate – one of the bigger gates in Test cricket (ever). Lots of hand-wringing at dinner last night – and the main topics seem to have been canvassed here already on the blog. Yes, Watson, down the order following a brain-seeding program in which efforts are made for him to grow one. Clarke and Hussey to fight over 3 and 4. And a role for Khawaja – who GCJD Haigh tells me handles opening well. Harris was so over-aroused for the last over that he couldn’t find the spot (how did Ponting not give Siddle the new ball). Pressure on Doherty today. 36 degrees. He will have to bowl 30 overs and take 2/70. A big expectation for the first spinner since ray bright to look like he’s bowling a billiard ball on fibre glass. I saw Beefy Botham yesterday. If Doherty was asked to bowl at the Big Pom (or IVA Richards) there wouldn’t be an insurance company in the world who’d give him personal injury cover. he’s have to bowl in a helmet. The tented lawn (you can get Pimms) behind the new stands is rocking. Thousands of squatters clinging to the last vestige of Empire, ever-hopeful, now that a blue-blood is premier in Vic.

  72. Dips

    The park bench was taken.

  73. Crio

    The draw is out to $3+. I backed it at $2.10. The cloud mass is moving more slowly than anticipated and showers are arriving late day 3. Rain Day 4,5. But not as general as first thought by the look of the map and the forecast.

  74. By the way, the Australian brains trust is on fire: their remedial program is intriguing. The only Australian I saw in the nets all day yesterday (during play) was Ben Hilfenhaus – and he was batting. He has developed the tennis serve swat to the bouncer. At least he plays with a straight vertical bat down the line.

  75. Peter Flynn says

    Cook and Trott are not exactly Edrich and Barrington but they appear to be serving it up to this Shield attack. I assume the pitch is a traditional Adelaide first-innings-belter.

    400 is the minimum first innings score required in Adelaide. 245 is very poor.

    These mini batting collapses by Australia are really costly. There is no accountability however. Such episodes will be explained away with meaningless psychobabble.

    I agree with the technique appraisal of North. He is also leaden foot and I don’t like his backlift.

    Did Watson take off for that run without calling?

    Ian Chappell made an interesting point recently that there should be an attacking batsman on the selection panel.

    Having defensive batsman lends itself to conservatism.

    Well, its back to reading Golden Boy (Kim Hughes) story. What a read!

    Over and out from Peking Pete

  76. Does anybody know if Betfair or anyone else is offering a market on Cook to break Bradman’s series record of 974 runs? I’m thinking a sneaky $20 at odds of 25/1 plus would be enough to make me forget the pain that the broken record would mean. Hammond’s English record of 905 would also have potential.

  77. John Butler says

    2-317 England 72 ahead.

    Cook has broken Hammond’s record for most runs between dismissals by an Englishman.

    Australia will be praying for that rain Crio.

  78. Stephen Cooke says

    I thought I was barracking for England because I find most of the Australian team unlike my cricket heroes of the past. But then I realised I wouldn’t want to have a beer with many of the English cricket team either. Is that why I’m waiting for the football season and watching NFL games on Foxtel instead?

  79. Flynnie,
    Ripper book. Enjoy.
    Aussies ordinary but that’s the cycle of good sporting rivalries. Those players out there are having a go. Those identifying talent need a rocket. The Poms are well organised but not unbeatable.

  80. Stephen, I wouldn’t want to have a beer someone who left the “e” off a great surname either…

  81. Ton up for KP. The Johannesburg equivalent of Bill Lawry would be shouting, “and he’s a South African…”

  82. Pietersen out – the collapse is on!!

  83. Sorry. Cook out. The collapse is on!

  84. Steve Healy says

    I think England will declare when they reach 1000- That’s combined with their 2nd innings total from last test- 1000 runs to mark the ruining of Australian cricket

  85. In fairness to Australia, they’ve taken regular wickets today.

    1 wicket per session. That’s regular…

  86. England 1/500 in Brisbane, now 4/500 in Adelaide.

    Much better from the Australians…

  87. Despite the scoreline, Ryan Harris appears to have cemented his place in the side for the next Test – he’s bowled with genuine pace and venom whilst still being economical.

    Wouldn’t be surprised if we went without a spinner in Perth.

  88. Peter Flynn says


    Harris has bowled OK and deserves to keep his spot. His knee is a concern however.

    We haven’t gone in with a spinner in the first two Tests.

    Our bowling attack is the most impotent that I can remember.

    It is our turn to have Bicknell-Ilott-McCague-Such pop-gun type attacks.

  89. Peter, Is there a spinner playing for any of the six Sheffield Shield squads? Krejza is probably still the most likely to take a wicket, but he gives away hundreds of runs and the Taswegians prefer Doherty. Certain NSW boosters suggest Smith but he looks to me like a good batsman who bowls a bit – sort of like Marcus North except that he makes more runs.

    It is interesting that almost all the changes to the team involve bowlers, but apart from Hussey and Haddin none of our batsmen are actually making many runs. I would hope that we go to Perth without North and Clarke. Clarke should be returned when he gets fit and makes some runs for NSW. North should return to Shield cricket.

    I would bring in Khawaja and White. Hughes and Fergusson might be better batsmen then White but we have to start developing a replacement for Punter as Captain in the next eighteen months and Clarke, for all his great batting skills, has shown little evidence that he would make a good captain.

  90. Weather is looking remarkably fine at 9.30 here in Adelaide. Had brekkie this morning beneath a portrait of Mar MacKillop (another clue Dips?). Miracles spring to mind. Still very humid and tropical. May be a storm this arvo, but looking like a lot of play from the radar and the sky.

  91. Stephen Cooke says

    Does anyone know if Gideon Haigh is writing regular pieces on this Ashes series for any newspapers or anywhere online?

  92. Had dinner with him last night – he’s writing for The Times.

  93. John Butler says

    Are England inventing nightmares in their imagination? Why bat on?

    They may well have broken the Aussies already, but if they run out of time to win this test, Strauss should be hung.

  94. #93. Shows a certain amount of doubt, I think. Poor decision in my mind.

  95. Peter Flynn says

    I agree with batting on as long as it’s only for a short time (30 minutes max).

    They have a big enough lead.

    I reckon it’s an unsettling tactic on the Aussie openers and Ponting.

  96. Peter Flynn says


    I was recently in the UK and reading Gideon’s columns.

    These days you have to pay to read the Times online.


  97. Does the England keeper look like he wants to get on with it? Or is there no Prior conviction…?

  98. #93 & #94….Why, oh why, did they bat on?
    Probably for the same reason that at 3/10 on the first morning, Strauss takes out a slip for Hussey and has 2 men deep on the leg-side boundary.

    With over 80 overs left today, I would be surprised if Australia is still batting at stumps.

  99. #98. What are you talkin’ about, Smokie? Australia is scoring at 10 an over. They’ll be 800 (425 ahead) by stumps!

  100. JTH #90 – are you staying somewhere on Grote Street?

  101. Good start by the openers, but with a few close calls.
    Katich is actually lame (in the true sense of the word).

  102. 0/66. Just think, if Katich hadn’t been run out, this might’ve been the score approaching lunch on day one.

  103. 0/78 at lunch. Starting to look like the question of either side being able to take 20 wickets still being a valid one.

  104. John Butler says

    Katich out. Ponting starting against spin.

    Australia’s remaining hopes probably rest on the next 30 minutes.

  105. John Butler says

    Ponting gone. So to Australia you would expect.

  106. Cometh the hour…

  107. …cometh Clarke ?

  108. Ponting will not look back on this match with any fondness

  109. #107. Well, Clarke cometh so far, Smokie. Quickly to 17 with three 4s (one streaky one, though).

  110. #68. Flynny, notwithstanding Watson’s inability to convert 50s into 100s often enough, isn’t he a success story as an opener? An average of over 40 as an opener is very good in Test match cricket. So far this series, he’s made 36 (importantly, in an opening stand of 78), 41 not out (coming in when there was still a faint chance of an English victory), 51 (as wickets fell around him) and 56 not out (so far). Apart from not running Katich out, what else can he do?

  111. #110. Watson out for 57. I shoulda just shut up.

  112. Quarter-century to Clarke. (Just trying to stay positive!)

  113. Gigs
    It’s an improvement on his recent efforts.

  114. John Butler says

    Clarke looking much better.

    Even if we lose (and only rain will stop that), I think it’s vital for Australia that he regain form. He and Hussey are the only ones you’d really fancy against Swann consistently.

  115. Tharrts noot reein yer silly boogars.

    Yer Englishmn soon beek in tharrt sorta stoof.

  116. Quarter-century to Hussey.

  117. Half-century to Clarke.

  118. Quarter-pounder for dinner.

  119. John Butler says

    With cheese?

  120. Peter Flynn says


    Watson should bat no higher than 4, particularly if he is required to bowl 15-20 overs.

    What more can he do? Convert 50’s into 100’s. He has to given the standard of bowling.


  121. Andrew Starkie says

    How do you think MArcus North slept?

    In contrast, KP would’ve slept like a baby, dreaming of the morning’s headlines: ‘KP, the greatest!’; ‘KP is God’; ‘Move over Sir Donald’.

  122. Remember the Greatbatch Kiwi draw manny moons ago.

    I have a feeling.

  123. How would North have been feeling during that LBW review?
    His career was riding on it!

  124. Hussey – Richard Cranium shot.

  125. John Butler says

    Terrible shot Huss!

    Even worse news about Katich (gone for the summer).

    What odds now?

  126. Peter Flynn says

    A chance to try (and stick with) some youth.

  127. Katich news is bad as he has spine but there is an opportunity for Hughes.

    If he has anything to prove now is his chance.

    Walters didn’t make runs in England but was ok in other places -unless he left a good poker hand at the table before going out to bat.

    Also the Australian bowlers can not continue to bowl so poorly.

  128. JB / Flynny,
    It evens out slightly with Broad on the plane home.
    The good news is that Phil Hughes has started making runs again.
    The Shield game starting in Sydney today is a huge match for him.
    I am a fan of Hughes and believe he was dealt with harshly by the
    touring selectors in 2009. I will never forget the way he smashed
    South Africa on their own patch.
    I still maintain that Hughes was dropped as a direct result of
    M Johnson’s poor form on the ’09 tour. Instead of making the tough
    decision to drop Johnson (who was putrid up to that point), the
    selectors took the “soft” option of dropping Hughes and brining in
    Watson to open, because the latter offered a bowling back-up if
    everything continued to go pear-shaped with Johnson.

  129. Haddin out.
    Only the weather can save us now.

  130. John Butler says

    Spot on Smokie, Phantom. Hughes still averages over 50 in tests.

    But then, so did Brad Hodge.

  131. Peter Flynn says

    G’day Smokie,

    I think you make a good point re Johnson/Hughes.

    I worry about the Hughes technique but I think we need to see whether it can hold up.

    Although likely 1-0 down, we are in disarray.

  132. Peter Flynn says

    King Pair

  133. 120. Peter. Good points. (Although I did preface my comments with “notwithstanding Watson’s inability to convert 50s into 100s”).

    Perhaps the lack of conversion is related to the bowling factor. I opened the bowling last Saturday and then opened the batting. I failed to convert a “0” into a “1”.

  134. 8 down.

    So anyway, how about that footy, eh?

  135. John Butler says

    PF, looking good for the book launch

  136. 9 down.

    Selection changes for Perth?
    Hughes for Katich. A definite.
    Kawaja/Smith/Ferguson for North? Could North again be saved, this time by the Katich injury?
    I hope not.
    Hauritz for Doherty? Wouldn’t that be a mea culpa for the selectors?
    And what of Doug Bollinger? He looked to be labouring at times.

  137. An interesting fact pointed out by one Gerard Whateley is that in the space of two Tests,
    (Bangalore: Johnson, Hifenhaus, P George, Hauritz
    Adelaide: Bollinger, Harris, Siddle, Doherty),
    Australia’s entire bowling attack was turned over.

  138. John Butler says

    It ended with a whimper.

    KP Man of the Match

    Back to the drawing board.

  139. Phil Hughes in for Katich ? Maybe it’s time to get Dave Warner in ? From what i’ve seen from Warner he is a great fielder, maybe get Haddin to teach him how to change from a 20/20 batsman to a test batsman ?

  140. Absolutely pouring in Adelaide at 2.07pm.

  141. still hosing down at 2.30

  142. and now wild lightning at 2.43pm

  143. Big lightning strike outside my window: power gone in North Adelaide. And still raining.

  144. #140 – #143. That’d be right…

  145. Just received a call from John Harms, who has just left the hotel in Adelaide to drive back to Melbourne. JTH hadn’t driven more than 100 metres before the rain turned from very heavy to torrential!

    It is John’s considered opinion that no further play would’ve been possible, even if the rain had stopped now (3:28pm Adelaide time).

  146. Dave Nadel says

    That is all very interesting and I hope John doesn’t take any risks driving in the rain, but the point is, given that they were “four for” at 10.00 am this morning the Australians should have been able to keep the English out until the rain started and the fact that they couldn’t means that batsmen are as much to blame for the defeat as the bowlers. North should not be selected for Perth.

  147. I would say the batsmen are MORE to blame than the bowlers, Dave. As it was, there was about half an hour left before lunch, and then another half-hour after lunch before the rain came.

    That’s about an hour the difference between a loss and a draw. Sure, England deserved to win, but you don’t (or shouldn’t) just roll over when the chips are down.

  148. Looking at it in isolation 304 in a second dig in Adelaide is not too bad. It was the 245 that killed us. If the Poms had to chase 250 – 320 they might get there against our attack but they’d have a few nervous moments.

  149. Can’t wait for Santa to come.

    That will now have to be the highlight of the summer.

  150. “Looking at it in isolation 304 in a second dig in Adelaide is not too bad.It was the 245 that killed us.”
    Seriously Chaps I’m looking for the Indian Bookmaker, if Pakistan played a test as poorly as Austraya did what do you think the reaction would be?

  151. Phil Dimitriadis says

    At least Chappelli showed some fighting spirit in the car park!

  152. At least Chappelli showed some fighting spirit in the car park!””

    Ian Chappell – a man after my own heart. What an absolute chap! Damn shame they stopped him from giving Sir Lunchalot a proper thrashing.

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