ASADA, Essendon and the AFL – Is it over yet?

At 1:30pm today (EDST), the AFL Tribunal is scheduled to sit with regards to the 34 past and present Essendon players who received ASADA infraction notices.

Michelangelo Rucci penned this handy Q&A in the Adelaide advertiser for those of us struggling for clarity beyond the AFL vs Essendon ‘he-said-she-said’ PR battle. Just the facts, ma’am.

There’s some sentiment around that argues that the tribunal decision – whatever decision is reached – should be the end of the whole sorry saga.

While the players might receive a receive some kind of resolution at today tribunal sitting, Michael Gleeson in today’s THE AGE newspaper editorial argues that the club – the driving force behind the ‘Back our Boys’ campaign – still have plenty of questions to answer:

There is no dispute that each of the players who received infraction notices also received injections as part of the supplements program. The question is what was in them – and the players do not know. That is where the idea of Essendon culpability starts and ends and why the players being cleared does nothing to clear Essendon, but only further incriminates them.

Will today’s AFL tribunal decision be ‘the end of it all’ or do you agree with the idea that clearing the players doesn’t clear the Bombers?




  1. I reckon it might be fair to say that this whole sorry saga ended for most of us over years ago. It’s just taken that long for the rotting carcass to breakdown. All that’s left now is the skeleton in the cupboard.

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