ANU Footy Club 50th Anniversary

We invite any ANU players to share an anecdote or two in the comments below.


  1. One of the better known past players is David Morgan ,ex Westpac CEO.Dr David played for ANU in 1971 after coming to Canberra for post graduate studies .He played at full forward and was a sensation .The following year he moved to Eastlake where he kicked 150 goals and played in a premiership .More senior readers may recall that Dr David was also a child TV star,appearing in ABC classics such as The Magic Boomerang and Adventures of the Seaspray !! ( back in the pre-colour TV era )

  2. Geoff Craighead says

    Dave Morgan had an uncanny ability to kick goals. As long as we could feed the ball to him, he would find a way to get it and put it through the uprights. If it were not for his desire to pursue his business studies, he would have made a huge impact in the VFL. Richmond tried to convince him to play for them but David had his sights set on another field, that of business.

    Geoff Craighead
    1971-72 Player

  3. Rod Cheatley says

    In 1971, Morgan was nearing the ton and in the last game of the season, against Queanbeyan at Queanbeyan, the instruction was to feed him to get him over the hurdle before the finals. The instruction was followed to the letter, he got 19 that day.

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