Another successful golf weekend


by Peter Argent

Now of the Eudunda Golf Club calendar for over a decade, The JAK (Jack Knight) golf weekend just keeps getting bigger and better. This celebrates the long time club secretary’s commitment to the community and is a chance for many former Eudunda-ites to catch up. Last weekend at the course that has been dubbed the ‘Little St Andrews of the mid-north”, upwards of 110 golfers descended on the Light township of Eudunda for the big event. In tough conditions on Sunday Thaxted Park club captain Jamie Trezise captured his third JAK Trophy with a 76 off the stick. He also grabbed bragging rights in his immediate family, as the runner up in the twelfth event was his father Peter Trezise. On Saturday in blustery, but better conditions the quartet of Jeff Denning, Tim Paynter, Ray Lemonde and Tim Knight collected the legacy award, in an Ambrose competition, with a five under the card performance.

The big winner was when the patrons returned to the clubhouse, the volunteers had prepared a luscious home-cooked meal for the golfers.



  1. Thanks for the memories, PeterA. I grew up on Yorke Peninsula playing those country weekend comps . All oiled slag scrape courses in those days. The ‘greens’ were all black. Wool Bay had wire fences around the scrapes to keep the sheep off. You got to replay your shot if it hit the wire or the uprights on the way in. Fairways were green when it rained. Preferred lies within 2 club lengths on the fairways, or one if the season was good. The best thing was that as kids you could ride your bike out to the course after school or all day in the May (if the rains came early) and September holidays and play all day for free. I now realise the freedom and opportunity denied to city kids today.

  2. Hi Peter,
    Great report but you fail to mention the real winners of the JAK weekend our Social Club The T Shirt City Golf Social Club that is has now won the NAGA for the JAK Legacy day for 3 years running now, selection is keen to say the least and if anyone is caught even discussing golf they can be dropped from the team just in case there could be a sign of improvement. I personally was in fear of having to drop myself because I mentioned to Tim that there was a good golf book in the window of O’Connell books next to T Shirt City but was able to convince the team that golf is not my game and winning is not my aim…. except for the NAGA that is. Thank you for sharing the story with the world but please do not let any of the staff at T Shirt City know that I have mentioned golf as we are all keen to make it “What do you Know it’s 4 in a Row”

  3. G’Day Mate nice of you to visit the 7th Tee at the JAK ( The Bundy Bear Hole) and thank you for the great photos. I am pleased to announce that the players and visitors were very generous once again this year enabling the record money raised to be broken once again for Legacy. The most moving moment for me was when some of the players who knew Edgar Zander had another nip of Bundy cheering him saying thanks for looking after us as Edgar was a football trainer for 20 years helping the club to win the occasional premiership along the way. The JAK to me is a great reason to visit Eudunda allowing me to catch up with old friends but to continue to make more. A special thanks to Matt Twartz for setting up the cave on the 7th even without the roof. I look forward to returning next year all being well. I will always cherish the Captain Proud

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