And here’s the cover of The Tigers’ Almanac 2019




Here’s the cover of The Tigers’ Almanac 2019.

Artwork: Kate Birrell
Cover design: John Kingsmill, Tabloid


Order copies HERE now – and receive them from Dec 12.


Launch (and Christmas drinks) in mid-December at the North Fitzroy Arms. Date to be confirmed – stay tuned.


We’ll tell you more about what’s in The Tigers’ Almanac 2019 soon – but we can tell you now it includes a game by game account of the Tigers season written by those who love the Tiges as well as features on Richmond stuff (like George Grossek on Kane Lambert and Rulebook on Neil Balme), a season review for each club and other goodies from  (Over 60 contributors)


Read about The Tigers’ Almanac 2017 HERE.  Copies are still available.


  1. Sensational. Will look a treat in every Christmas stocking.

    And Pickett was not just a find for the Tigers but for the competition too. A footballer. A natural, exciting, fearless footballer.

  2. Chris Daley says


  3. Yes

  4. Joe De Petro says

    Awesome cover and title for the book.

    Has any other player ever racked up this list of achievements after one game:

    Premiership player
    Life member of an AFL club
    On the cover of the Footy Almanac?


  5. Got that side step beautifully KB! But I have a question for you. When are you going to run out of black and yellow paint? Congratulations on another great cover.

  6. Congratulations Kate – your art has perfectly captured a moment, a day that went beyond superlatives.
    Can’t wait to read the words.

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Congrats Kate and the Almanac community. Wonderful work.

  8. Looks great, Kate. :)

    Well done to everyone for getting it together. Looking forward to the read.

  9. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ripper Kate. I prefer this cover to the 2017 one by a long shot. Can’t think why.

  10. I really like the cover art, as I do most of Kate’s work. She really has an eye for colour.

    But without wanting to sound churlish: redemption?

  11. Hi Kate and JK,

    We’re getting heaps of comments on-line and thorugh email about the cover. Thanks.

    As for ‘Redemption’ Smoke, it’s the word that just kept popping up in pieces and in conversations with Tigers writers. The Tiges felt like they needed to be cleansed after the loss to Collingwood in PF 2018.


  12. Earl O'Neill says

    Redemption? I’ll be waiting.

  13. Hi everyone

    Many thanks for your words and comments regarding the cover.

    Always an interesting process going through the stages of deciding who or what to represent, and how.

    And then the final bit of receiving the image from John with the graphics done. Thanks JK for your work.

    And tfellow almanacers for all your words!! Without the writers there would be no cover.

    See u soon ??

  14. Those question marks should have been champagne glasses

  15. Paul Spinks says

    Looks a beauty.
    Will put in an order.
    I interpreted ‘redemption’ as having a double meaning here.

  16. David Clencie says

    Congrats peoples
    Looks like a must for Xmas lucky it’s just in time. Great cover too who will ever forget that side step a wonderful piece of history in an otherwise pedestrian game. Go Tiges!

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