An Almanac A.P.B : The 1978 VFA Grand Final

The 1978 VFA Grand Final between Preston and Prahran was a typical last-man-standing Division One affair. With his VFL days behind him, Big Sam Kekovich now stalked the goal square at Toorak Park terrorising opposition full-backs. Although Port Melbourne’s Fred Cook was the dominant VFA full-forward at the time, Big Kekka was still an imposing presence and a vital key to the Two-Blues premiership chances.

On the day, Preston defender Paul Bolger held Sam to a solitary goal. Now Paul’s son, Chris, would love to sit down with his Dad and watch the game in full, but is having difficulty trying to track down a copy of the match and he turns  to the Almanac community for a hand.


“Dear Almanac community, this is a general enquiry into how I may be able to get my hands on a copy of the 1978 VFA Grand Final between Preston and Prahran.

My father, Paul Bolger, had the task of nullifying Sam Kekovich that day and advises me that he has never seen footage of the match, bar a few snippets of the argy-Bargy that went on!



I’ve done some digging around and contacted both Preston (Northern Blues FC) and Prahran with no response as yet unfortunately.

YouTube does have a snippet of the first 10 mins or so…can’t seem to find the rest!

As for Channel 10 (or 0 I believe in 78) I’ve been advised that they have no archive department.

Dad has fond memories of the game (result aside!) and as it was before my time it’d be nice to sit down with him, have couple of cold ones and watch it.

I see a few Almanackers may have access to a copy and would love to get in touch with them to see if I could get my hands on a copy for Dad?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Chris Bolger.”


If you can help Chris access a copy of the game, please email him via this link



  1. Good luck Chris, hope you can find it. You may also wish to find footage of the 1981 & 1982 VFA grand finals, two classic matches.


  2. aussie80s says

    Hi Chris
    I have got a copy of that game. It was recorded off air at the time and runs for 2 hours and 47 minutes.

    Ch10 won’t have it as they threw out all their footage once to make room. The story I heard was that Ch10, which was based at Nunawading, dumped a heap of tapes into landfill at the Nunawading Football Ground. Who knows, if you dig up the half forward flank you may find the tape.

  3. Chris Bolger says

    1) Thanks Glen. A few positive leads already! A good result considering the odds! As for 1981 he doesn’t speak much of it, he missed the 1982 season (work I presume), but he returned in 1983 to win the flag under Ray Shaw.

    2) aussie80s – Incredible story if Channel 10 did that! So much sporting history lost for good! And thanks for the offer! The link to my email address is above, if you could email me please, it’d be great to get in touch to discuss.

    Cheers lads,

  4. Hi Chris, I heard your call on twitter and have uploaded 3rd q highlights and last Q here.

    Also Aussie80s, I would be MORE than happy to digitise and upload that VHS you’ve got!


  5. aussie80s says

    Hi Chris
    To contact you via email involves some app thing via that link that is mentioned and I can’t be bothered doing it as I am not into modern technology much and steer clear of anything called apps. I don’t even have a mobile – I am the last person in Melbourne that doesn’t have one.

    You can contact me via my email if you want – [email protected]

    John, I already have it as a DVD copy but thanks for the offer.

  6. Classic moment in John’s upload at 6.30.

  7. Steven Hubbard says


    i was wondering if you were able to obtain the full game of the 1978 GF.’

    I would love to be able to obtain a copy if oyu did .


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