Almanackers take on the Big Issue


by Vin Maskell

It looks like there are two Almanackers in the current edition of The Big Issue.

Andrew Starkie has a story set in Warrnambool in the mid 1980s called Pick Your Battles, about school-bullying and boxing lessons from Dad. Not sure if it’s already been published on the Almanac site.

Here’s how it starts:

 Dad arrived home from work carrying a purposeful look and a bag of tattered boxing gloves.

 “Righto, out the back,” he said

 “Why?” I asked, comfortable in front of the TV.

 “You’ve gotta learn to look after yourself.”

 “Do I have to?”

The second story is one of mine, called The way we were . Here’s an extract:

My mother and her seven siblings used to live and play and laugh and squabble here in this street. They used to climb the young plane trees, play hopscotch on the road, run up and down the footpath. Right here, where I’m standing on a quiet sunny morning. In a house knocked down in my lifetime, they argued with their father and sang with their mother.


Edition 401 of The Big Issue (28 February to 12 March) is now availale from Big Issue vendors.



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  1. pamela sherpa says

    Wow, that’s great. Well done to both of you.

  2. Hi Vin, you’ve reminded me to subscribe to the Big Issue, seeing I don’t get into the city enough to be a regular purchaser. Well done Almanackers. Vin, I also got to go see/hear and wonder at the audio at Princes Park, over the new year period. Bought back lots of memories as a visiting Sainter. YOu always bring interesting things to our attention. Much appreciated


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