Almanac Reading – Pakistan’s national baseball team arrives, improbably, in Brooklyn

From the “New Yorker“.

Published 23 September 2016, this piece points to cricketers as being pivotal in Pakistan’s rising stature in baseball.

In “Pakistan’s national baseball team arrives, improbably, in Brooklyn,” Elliot Hannon writes: “When the Pakistani national baseball team arrived in Brooklyn, this week, to play in a qualifying round of the World Baseball Classic, it was the first time in a year that its players had set foot on a regulation baseball diamond…”


Interesting questions around the globalisation motives of sports administrators raised here, and the requisite role of finding and financing players. And global discrepancies in standards of living, life circumstance. What is the role of popular sports that attract mass audiences?


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  1. Interesting that “Almost all of the players are former cricketers, with nominal jobs in the Pakistani Army, the local police forces, or the national electric company, which allow them time to compete in tournaments.”

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