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Also, we continue to feature yarns from Stereo Stories: A Song. A Place. A Time. edited by Vin Maskell. This caters for the specific writing genre – the music and memoir style Vin prefers – outlined on the Stereo Stories site. It’s an excellent idea on an excellent site. Check it out.


Almanac Music: Vale Pierre Baroni – PBS FM Soulgroove ’66

Adam Fox pays a heartfelt tribute to Pierre Baroni, one of the stalwarts of the community radio scene in Melbourne for many years with his well-loved program, ‘Soulgroove ’66’.

Almanac Music: Midnight Oil in 2021

There was power, passion and a more than a few grey hairs at the most recent Midnight Oil gig at Womadelaide. Greg Andrew reviewed the show, his latest since first watching the iconic group live in 1990.

Almanac Music: Australia’s Best Song Revisited

When it comes to listening to music, many people are “mood listeners”. In this vein, KD revisits his “Best Australian Song” Footy Almanac piece, to ask Almanackers what songs may have slipped through the cracks in the extensive discussion that followed it. He also provides a new song nomination of his own.

Almanac Music: A musical journey (in praise of Fred Eaglesmith)

Warren Tapner has had plenty of years filled with enjoying great music. But his wonderful journey reached its peak when he came across the crooning of Fred Eaglesmith.

Almanac Music – Stereo Stories: Facebook on my mind

The recent Facebook changes didn’t just impact the Almanac – partner site Stereo Stories also had to work out a way forward. Site founder Vin Maskell ruminates on an interesting week and a slow return to normality.

Almanac Music: Romantic Guy

This week’s Friday offering from Kevin Densley concerns a song he wrote, sung, played and recorded in the bedroom of a Geelong mate about thirty-five years ago. The song itself is included with the story behind it. One mate told KD it reminded him of Paul McCartney, another said John Lennon. Almanac listeners – you be the judge!

Almanac Music: Rhiannon Giddens – a music superstar

Rhiannon Giddens is a multi-talented leading light on the world music scene and it’s not difficult to see why.

Almanac Music: When I killed Kiss’ ‘Alive!’

Upon being restricted to COVID-enforced Facebook challenges, Adam Fox recalls a terrific tale of one of his favourite records, and how it soon created family turmoil.

Almanac Music (and Beer): Southwark Bitter – another view

Liam Hauser has never tasted Southwark Bitter, but that didn’t mean Mickey Randall’s earlier piece didn’t hit quite a few 1980’s musical buttons, as well as a family artistic connection.

Almanac Music: ‘How does your Garden Grow’ – Mountain Grey

Some great sounds from the Otways featuring the Mountain Grey Band and a track from their new CD, ‘Riverstone Suite’.