Almanac Music: This week in 1971

Mention of Rod Stewart elsewhere today made me think back to what we were listening to this week in 1971.


The big album of the year, even though it was only released in November, was Led Zeppelin IV. A year or two later it would be the default album for the lads at 1 Winchester Street, blasting out through the Ziersch brothers’ huge twin speakers replete with woofers, midrange and tweeters. (Very belated apologies to the neighbours!)





But on the singles front, here’s a couple of lists. The first is the 3UZ Top 40 for the week starting 21 May. Who was the leading DJ in Melbourne back then? What a mixture of songs – classics like Daddy Cool, Janis Joplin, Chain, George Harrison, The Rolling Stones; gimmicky stuff like Lally Stott and Clive Dunn; rubbish like…well, you choose. Enjoy Daddy Cool again:





Let’s go to Billboard’s Top 100 for the week ending May 29. Ah, the Stones, Three Dog Night, The Doors…But they had their ‘peculiarities’ too – Daddy Dewdrop, Lobo, Tin Tin. How did Ringo get to No. 5? Here’s one of my favourites from about halfway down the list – Chicago!





Take a stroll through the past, crank up YouTube, perhaps dig out some old vinyl from the day. I’m just wondering what Almanac music man Col Ritchie will play.



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About Ian Hauser

A relaxed, Noosa-based retiree with a (very) modest sporting CV. A loyal Queenslander, especially when it comes to cricket and rugby league. Enjoys travel, coffee and cake, reading, and has been known to appreciate a glass or three of wine. One of Footy Almanac's online editors who enjoys the occasional editing opportunity to assist aspiring writers.


  1. Some good music there Ian.

    Some wonderful local music around then. Of course Daddy Cool, but there were the revitalised Aztecs rocking on, the Live at the Melbourne Town Hall LP was recorded then. Spectrum, Chain, Ted Mulry in his smaltzy pre TMG days, Helen Reddy, Russell Morris were just some of the wonderful local artists.

    Interesting seeing Janis Joplin listed as she’d already left us. I’m currently putting together a piece that touches on another great music figure, who did leave us in 1971: watch this space.


  2. My best three guesses: Jim Morrison, Louis Armstrong or Duane Allmann

  3. Yep,he’s in there Ian.

    Stay tuned,all will be revealed in the coming weeks.


  4. #82 on the Billboard chart- Hot Love by T. Rex. Fantastic extended out-chorus!

  5. Glen!, here’s the betting: Morrison $1.10, Satchmo $3.00, Allmann $15.

  6. All will be revealed Ian. July is just around the corner.


  7. I’ll take the $1.10! I have had Morrison Hotel and LA Woman on high rotation of late.
    Led Zeppelin IV on the go today.
    Have also been giving Chain a run here and there.
    Being born in 72 it took me at least another 16 years to be able to find my way back to the gold from 71.

  8. Ian,Geg, i will tie in the death of the ‘Lizard King’ with other topical events from around that time.

    Hang five, July is not far away.

    Greg, Chain; Black’n;Blue was a good seller in 1971. There’s a great double compilation of theirs featuring a wonderful live set including Black’n’Blue. This was released about 1974, 1975 though i imagine there’s a CD of it out there.


  9. I am no huge fan of Rod Stewart, but “Every Picture Tells A Story” is a wonderful album. It is timeless.

    “Led Zeppelin IV” is one of those albums that is beyond criticism

  10. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Although there isn’t any Australian content, I can highly recommend David Hepworth’s book 1971 – Never a Dull Moment: Rock’s Golden Year

  11. Marcus holt says

    That link to Led Zep on Youtube is a cover band, not the real deal. The original is a great album though.

  12. roger lowrey says


    I suggest the answer to your question about the leading Melbourne DJ at the time would be a toss up between Stan “the man” Rofe on 3XY and Sam Anglesey on 3UZ.

    They both had beautiful rich voices, an encyclopedic knowledge of rock music and a loyal fan following.


  13. Luke Reynolds says

    I used to love Eagle Rock. But hearing it played over and over at the MCG in the aftermath of the 2018 Grand Final has scarred me for life. Even just hearing those opening chords brings out severe PTSD in me.

    Led Zeppelin IV is a masterpiece.

    Nice to see Ted Mulry at #2 on the 3UZ chart.

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