Almanac music: lost in Berlin

Debut Stereo Story by NIDA student Clare Hennessy about being all at sea in Berlin, and about Now At Last I Know by Feist.

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Coming up over the next few weeks: stories about songs by Disclosure, Bon Iver and Tom Waits.

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  1. That is a splendid story Clare,
    As one gets older some songs resonate with a time and place. Some happy some melancholy.
    Whenever I hear Dave Edmonds sing “Girls Talk”, I morph into a sadder and lonelier nineteen year old self.
    Other songs make me see the funny side of life.
    Not so long ago the Mem Sahib, was out shopping and I was pulling weeds.
    I was wearing a broad brimmed hat, a very large pair of shorts and an old work shirt.
    I looked the very model of a middle aged father …doing something he would rather not.
    I was playing “London Calling”, loud enough to be heard in my front garden … and probably quite a few other front gardens.
    (I don’t care what anyone says I prefer the sound out of speaker rather than headphones.)
    I was pulling goat head thorns, which have mean tap root and a meaner thorn.
    Two kids were skate boarding along the foot path.
    One was wearing a Clash T -shirt . They stopped and I distinctly heard one say …
    “Poor old bugger … hunted out of the house by his bloody kids”.

  2. Callum O'Connor says

    No ongoing blog on Berlin music would be complete without a reference to David Bowie’s Berlin trilogy of Low, “Heroes” and Lodger.
    That said, I just got into Tom Waits and am eagerly awaiting some discussion

  3. Thank you Mulcaster for your comment, and entertaining anecdote about London Calling, and weeding the front garden. Good stuff.
    And thank you Callum. Stereo Stories is not necessarily an ongoing blog about Berlin music, but I take your point. I’d be happy to see some stories about songs from those Bowie albums. Our two other ‘Berlin’ stories are based around The Mercy Seat by Nick Cave and Still Life by The Horrors:


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