Almanac Music: Final Stereo Stories concert for 2016

Our final show for 2016 is a 60 minute concert at the grand and gorgeous Geelong Library and Heritage Centre.

The show, on Sunday 20 November at 4pm, is part of the 2016 Word For Word Festival, a celebration of non-fiction writing.

It’s your last chance this year to hear:

  • Smokie Dawson’s story about young love and a Paul Kelly song
  • Alan Attwood’ story about Las Vegas, Mike Tyson, loneliness and Emmylou Harris
  • Lucia Nardo’s story about her parents, accompanied by her 90 year old father Salvatore on piano accordion
  • Stephen Andrew’s story about  a broken neck, Died Pretty, and serenading Julia Zemiro on RocKwiz
  • Vin Maskell’s story about writing, failure, music journalism and Goanna
  • Paul Bateman’s wedding story based around a Bon Iver song.
  • Jack Gramski singing Springsteen’s Growin’ Up
  • Zoe Krupka’s 1982 memories of sunburn, Canberra and XTC.

All stories, of course, include music performed by The Stereo Stories Band.

Early bird tickets available iuntil 31 October.

Visit Stereo Stories for more details.

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