Almanac Music: church, childhood, Dave Graney

Hobart graphic designer Chris Rees is known to more than a few Almanackers for his artwork, especially his images of footy enigmas from the 1970s and 1980s.

Chris is also a dab hand at telling a story, as he shows in his debut Stereo Story, inspired by the Dave Graney song That’s the Way It’s Gonna Be.

I remember Sundays in the cold redbrick church, the smell of Mum’s leather gloves and lipstick. During readings and sermons I would run imaginary horse races between the red, blue and green ribbons in my missal. Blue and Red were frontrunners but Green would always come from the clouds with the rails run while the commentator (myself) silently went berserk.

Listen to the song and read Chris’ short memoir at our partner site Stereo Stories.


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