Almanac Music: Cattle And Cane Stereo Story

John Butler (the pioneering Almanacker, not the muso with a trio) makes his Stereo Stories debut with a story inspired by Cattle And Cane by The Go-Betweens: a series of finely-crafted vignettes stemming from a trip to the Far North.

It’s the middle of winter. Never mind, we’re wearing shorts and thongs. The sky is an unbroken plain of blue. Well, not entirely unbroken. Here and there, a pillar of white smoke plumes from a cane mill.

Drive through the canefields to read our latest slice of music and memoir.


  1. Great read. Many thanks. Have you read Robert’s book yet? It goes into all sort of detail about him and Grant. And the music. And the brisbane scene. And so on.

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