Almanac Music: Anson Cameron, friendship, and The Kill Devil Hills

Anson Cameron’s debut Stereo Story is honest to the bare bones: Rare times, he writes, a hole opens in a life and a song appears from nowhere to fill it, explain it, exploit it… a fluky medicine – the voice you needed to hear at the moment you needed to hear it. Sometimes you blunder onto a song that fits the need.

Read the full story, and listen to The Kill Devil Hills, at our sister site Stereo Stories.


  1. AJC,

    Perhaps I could send your friend the link to your story.

    It’s a Lutheran tradition.


  2. Here at HQ we’re trying to erode and expunge religious tradition.

  3. “the five-shot rally of verse and chorus” – I love a creative, new metaphor.
    I don’t have any band and book friends. Mine just look at me weird. The Almanackers are my imaginary friends.

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