Almanac Music: almost alone at a Mick Thomas gig

Almanacker Kath Presdee takes us to The Gypsy Bar, Civic, Canberra in late 1999 and to Petersham Bowlo, Sydney, 6 November 2015 as she writes about Step In, Step Out by Weddings Parties Anything, the duet about a couple of shift workers who hardly spend any time together because of their work.

Duets are really meant for two.  Even poorly sung it needs two voices.  Just like going to a Mick Thomas gig.  I shouldn’t be here alone.  I should be here with Steve.

But Steve is now based in Sydney.  He’s got his job and I’ve got my job and at least he comes down to Canberra when Parliament is sitting.

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Coming soon: a poem, set on the Yarra River, about the day John Lennon was shot; and details about our next gig – new Geelong Library, 7 February 2016.




  1. Great sporting style music by WPA. Mick was a regular at the Lord Newry Hotel in North Fitzroy back in the 1990’s. I liked WPA, with songs like Mondays’ Hero having a particular resonance.


  2. Whoops I meant Mondays Experts !


  3. A great gig at the Petersham Bowlo by Mick and Wally.
    Alas, they didn’t perform When the Swans Return….

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