Almanac Moments: When Ron Barassi came to lunch



Ron Barassi used to pop in to the North Fitzroy Arms to visit his old mate Percy Jones. It was the good fortune of the Almanac community to have a long association with the pub, so we got to meet and chat with Ron, and many other Carlton characters.

Perc spoke so affectionately about Barass.

Ron was a big fan of Anson Cameron’s column in The Age. When Anson was the special guest at an Almanac Lunch, Ron brought a group along. Ron was in fine form. He grew even fonder of Anson…



Brian Dixon, Perc, Anson, Ronald Dale Barassi, Gareth Andrews and JTH.



It was a memorable afternoon.





  1. and amazingly, Anson did not spill a drop.

  2. Outstanding day. In the presence of greatness. Old mate Ron was very unaffected by it all.

    RIP R.D. Barassi.

  3. Daryl Schramm says

    I can just imagine how good this would have been. A recent Tanunda event illustrated Anson’s talents. I’ve just finished Balmey’s book. A great, well structured, read.

  4. Always wear a dark shirt when drinking red, Smokie.
    Thanks, Daryl.
    Admin might be being too kind here. I think Cheryl might be the fan. Was a joy to be in the presence of such a big spirit though.

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