Celebrating women’s footy at the Almanac lunch on June 17 (all welcome)

Dips Clare O'Donnell kicking action

Clare O’Donnell looking like Roberta Skilton.

Footy Almanac Odd Friday Lunch on June 17

This lunch has a women’s footy theme with:


LAUREN ARNELL and DARREN FLANIGAN, both heavily involved in women’s footy with the AFL. They’ll be joined by the team from the undefeated KEW BEARS women’s team (including Clare O’Donnell whose kicking action is reminiscent of her father’s – 35 years ago).

Friday, June 17

1pm (formalities finish around 3pm)

At Percy Jones’s North Fitzroy Arms, corner of Reid and Rae Streets (No 11 or No 96 tram)

$40 for three courses

Drinks at bar prices

All welcome

Please [email protected]

Lauren Arnell lunch

Lauren Arnell


  1. Should be a ripping lunch. You need to set up one of those handball bull’s eye things that they used to have on World of Sport, and get the Kew Bears team members to have a shoot out competition. The winner gets some Patra Orange Juice and a pack of Four ‘n Twentys.

  2. Trucker Slim says

    Great to see the Almanac has lifted it standards getting Loz from the Falcons in as Guest Speaker!

    Hey Dips, good to see Clare in true colours!


  3. RK – At least I’m not yelling out “Go the Hawks!!” That would be too much.

    She puts the jumper on, dry retches, then gets on with it.

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Clare showing good form there Dips.
    What would you do if she ended up playing for Collingwood?

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