Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 4-10 September 2019

Everyday celebrations of everyday scenes. Every day. Every hour.
Inspired by Ricky Gervais’ “After Life,” among other things. Life, really.


Tu 10 Sep, 2019  #126

Morning. Park.
-Oh shit! I forgot to go to the gym.
-Ha. Me too. Every day for six years, now.



Mo 9 Sep, 2019  #125

Late arrival.
-Sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible.
-No worries. You made it. You’re here now. Good to see you.
-Thanks. I’m a bit frazzled.
-Come in, come in. Would you like a glass of water?



Su 8 Sep, 2019  #124

Late arrival deflects.
-Sorry I’m late. Traffic was terrible.
-No worries. But don’t you mean: “I didn’t leave enough time to get here”?
-Or maybe “I don’t value your time very highly.”
-Sorry, what?
-You’re late. Own it.



Sa 7 Sep, 2019 #123

Central west Victoria.
-How’s the footy club going?
-Ohh, it’s pretty good. It’s probably saved our town, really. The pub never reopened after the flood. So the place to gather these past years has been the footy club. They put on dinners too on a Thursday and Friday night. It’s all volunteers doing it. Locals. Community. Yeah, without that club I reckon we might have lost this place.



Fr 6 Sep, 2019  #122

People struggle through.
-I’m nervous.
-Ahh… you’ll be alright.
-I’m REALLY nervous.
-You’ll be FINE.
-…I just… can you hear me?
-Oh. Sorry. Yeah, I hear that you’re nervous.



Th 5 Sep, 2019  #121

City man, country man.
-Did you shut that gate back there?
-What do you reckon?
-I reckon you close every gate that you open.
-You’re learnin’.



We 4 Sep, 2019  #120

Friends, city.
-I’m just feeling sad.
-Oh. Sorry, mate. Can I give you a hug?
-Yeah. Sure. But I’ll still be sad.
-Yeah… That’s alright



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