Almanac Life – #hourlydaily scenes of life: 28 August-3 September 2019

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Inspired by You Am I’s “Hourly Daily,” and Ricky Gervais’ “After Life,” among other things…




Tu 3 Sep, 2019  #119


Receptionists talk; patient joins in.
-Oh no.
-What is it?
-I was supposed to click here, wasn’t I?
-Ahh… hold on.
-Shit. I forgot to click that option. Now he’s gone.
-Ahh, yep. You needed to click there.
-Shit. I undercharged him.
-You can undercharge ME, if you like.




Mo 2 Sep, 2019  #118


Man on the phone, Monday.
-Yeah mate. Tomorrow.
-No rain. I saw that.
-Let’s do it.
-Tee-off 8am?
-Chuckin’ a sicky.
-Ha! Done.




Su 1 Sep, 2019  #117


Three young women, city.
-Oh jeez don’t look now.
-What is it?
-I don’t believe it.
-It’s Sean.
-Huh? Sean-your-ex-Sean?
-Shit-shit-shit don’t let him see us.
-Oh, so it is.
-Oh… here he comes…




Sa 31 Aug, 2019  #116


Parent fields a question.
-Want to play a game?




Fr 30 Aug, 2019  #115


Old man confined to bed receives a visitor.
-Hi grandpa.
-Oh-ho, who’s this? Who’s been eating the handsome pills?
-Ha. No one I can see.
-Oh-ho. It’s good to see you.
-You too, grandpa. How are you?
-Good as gold, young man. Good as gold.




Th 29 Aug, 2019  #114


Two young men. Afternoon.
-How many did you send?
-No reply?
-…Nah. Forget her, man.




We 28 Aug, 2019  #113


Supermarket checkout encounter.
-Hi, I haven’t seen you in AGES! Did you stop shopping here?
-Hi. No, no. I thought YOU’d stopped working here.
-Ha. We’ve just missed each other. I love your hat!
-Do you? It’s an Irish hat that I bought in Hobart.
-Cool. I want to visit Hobart. Are you from there? No, wait, are you from Ireland?
-No, no. My grandparents were all from Melbourne. What about you?
-Ahh. This headscarf might give it away. But I’m not Irish either. No, my Dad is from Lebanon.





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