Almanac Leadership: Claudio Ranieri on this incredible (unfinished) Leicester City year

Leicester City, little Leicester City, still sit incredibly atop the English Premier League table.

After a wonderful start, experts, commentators, pundits and every other person with a login and web connection has predicted their eventual fall.

But no.

Somehow no, this has not come to pass.


In early April, manager Claudio Ranieri wrote this piece, published at the Player’s Tribune.

David Wilson referred to it and linked it in his Matilda story of a couple of weeks ago.

But for those who missed it, here it is.

This is a gem.

A gem of leadership, and of possibility.


We Do Not Dream



  1. E.regnans says

    This is very good.

  2. Peter Flynn says

    Ranieri is a kook.

    The Chelz (my mob) treated him badly.

    Go Foxes.

  3. We are all Foxes now. First thing I do when I wake up the last month when the Foxes play is click the BBC Sports app on the IPad. Bliss.
    I keep waiting for the fall, but even born pessimists like me can’t jinx them now. The West Ham draw was a blinder to follow through blog updates. 2-2 draw at the death with a late penalty after Vardy was sent off. It will be disappointing if they win the title against MU without Vardy on the pitch.
    Makes you wonder how many sportsmen fall short from a lack of belief rather than ability. I’m sure its a big issue in all walks of life.
    “90% of football (footballers?) is half mental”

  4. Dennis Gedling says

    Hoping Leicester drop some points actually so they win it on the final day Stamford Bridge and Ranieri can get sweet justice for the way he was treated. Then again if they win it before the final day the Chelsea players would have to give them a guard of honour…either way win/win!

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