Almanac Launch: Group Shot

 Photo by Penelope Southgate

Group hug anyone?


  1. Hi all, can see my cheekbone, am behind Tim Adams, good looking cheeks though. Had a wonderful night, and am loving reading the book. At least my St.Kilda new mate Joseph was next to me!


  2. Some handsome bastards in that photo!

  3. Hey, who pinched my beer?!

  4. Sorry MOC, couldn’t help myself :)

  5. I’m still trying to work out where I was when this was taken.

    How did I miss it?

  6. Me too

  7. Gigs and Rick,
    someone announced a group shot, so everyone came in
    cept, there was about 7 diff people taking photos maybe your in some other one but not in that one? :s

  8. Gigs,

    You could be standing behind the kid in the St Kilda jumper just left of the middle.

  9. You got it half right Dips.

    Who is the Cat in the limelight next to Barney Rubble Blue?

  10. Josh’s idea of name tags for the next launch- good idea :)

  11. Were you there Danni?

  12. Back left hand corner. What team top did the ATM have on?

  13. Andrew Else says

    Clearly one doesn’t have to be a certain height to get on this ride.

  14. I know I am in there, somewhere near Daff.

    I can’t believe that this is the only “team photo”.
    I vaguely remember heaps of photographers snapping away
    but maybe they were all phones….

  15. Was i there? how can u miss me? lol
    im the miserable magpie (second photo) in the other piece on photos, ones taken by Yvette.

  16. My best angle – thoroughly hidden amougst the masses. Lovely to see the Almanac community on Thurs

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